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Decorate for the holidays with a wood wreath

Even if you’re you’re not particularly outdoorsy, this wood wreath — a creative arrangement of wooden slices, tied with plaid ribbon — will win a space in your heart. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a beautiful bit of nature all season long, right from the comfort of your own home?

wood log wreath

Crafty and homey

The wreath is easy to make: It needs only the cut wood and some ribbon, plus a hot glue gun to put it together — which means it’ll be all ready before you can say, “Pass the Jiffy Pop.”

Decorative wooden wreath

How to make a wood log wreath for your home

wood log wreath

Wreath variations

Mix and match some of these ideas to make your wreath perfect for your home decor or to customize for a friend!

  • Make it a different size: While you will eventually lose structural integrity if you make it too big, there’s room to make your wreath a little bigger or smaller.
  • Use more wood: Add another layer of wood slices if you like.
  • Paint: You can paint some or all of the wood slices, using one color or several.
  • Words: Glue a laser-cut 3D word sign (joy, love, happy) onto the wreath.
  • Flowers: Add some dried or silk flowers around the bow to give your wreath a little extra flair.

Ribbon for a decorative wood log wreath

wood wreath craft project

Supplies for a wood log wreath craft

  • 22 to 24 crafting wood slices, each 2 to 3 inches in diameter (we used 22 pieces)
  • One yard of 2-inch-wide ribbon of your choice
  • Hot glue gun

Note: Many stores sell wood slices with pre-drilled holes, which wouldn’t work well for this project.

Ribbon and a wood wreath

Wood log wreath and holiday ribbon

Directions: How to make this wood log wreath

  1. Lay out 11 wood slices in a circle on a work surface, leaving about a half inch between each piece of wood.
  2. Glue another circle of wood on top of the first circle by overlapping the gaps of the first circle, as shown here.
  3. Once you have two concentric rings of wood glued together, tie a ribbon bow, making sure to trim the edges.
  4.  Place hot glue on one of the wood slices, and affix the bow to the wreath.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful, woodsy winter wreath? In fact, you might not want to ever put it away, and that’s okay: Just swap out the ribbon to match the season or your home decorating style.

Finished wood log wreath

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