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Create a mini North Pole in a jar

Create a mini North Pole in a jar

This jolly mini North Pole in a jar craft project creates a beautiful snowy scene you never have to shovel — and it’s also a great way to display some of your favorite Christmas ornaments!

Turning cotton into faux snow

Cotton ball snow

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

How you feel about snow largely depends on where you live. Maybe it sticks a bit now and then, but that greeting-card snowfall measured in inches eludes your city. Or maybe you live in a northern clime that routinely gets buried in the white stuff.

Whether you love it or hate it, though, snow is what makes for a white Christmas — and we can all agree that that is magical.

Create a mini North Pole in a jar

A new home for old ornaments

Who doesn’t have a few ornaments that have broken or are too fragile to put up on the Christmas tree? Giving them new life inside a display will allow you to enjoy them all season long (and offers some protection from exploring toddlers… and cats).

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Create a mini North Pole in a jar

Supplies for making a North Pole scene

  • Large-mouth glass jar
  • Cotton balls
  • Small ornaments and bells
  • Small ivy or holly berries
  • Christmas ornament with tree and sled (or any other ornament you choose)
  • Ribbon

Create a mini North Pole in a jar

Directions: How to create a North Pole in a jar

  1. Gather enough cotton balls to cover the bottom of the jar, and spread apart the fibers, as shown above. (You’re trying to make it look like snow, not like you’re going to be removing a lot of makeup.)
  2. If needed, fill in any gaps with regular cotton balls to make your snow scene nice and dense.
  3. Place your ornament in the center of the jar.
  4. Fill in the remaining space with the small ornaments (colored globes, bells, holly pieces etc.).
  5. Close the lid and decorate the jar or lid with ribbon and a bow.

Mini North Pole in a jar

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