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Trendy man purses the men in your life will actually love

Man purse gift guide
Photo credit: Asos/Nordstrom/anilakkus/Getty Images; Tiberius Catinas/

Maybe the men in your life aren’t the most fashionable, or maybe they’re totally up-to-date on every trend. Either way, a stylish gift never hurts. Let’s be honest, getting men a tie or a pair of socks (even if they’re brightly colored and covered in tacos) is a bit of a cliché. Enter the murse. Yes, you read that right. A man purse, or murse, is totally back in style. Before you balk at the idea of gifting one, just remember that the fanny pack is back in, and there’s a high likelihood you’ve at least thought about rocking one of those.

If you or your friends can confidently pull off a fanny pack or even one of those chest-front belt bag things, why can’t men rock a murse? After all, they have phones, wallets, maybe even some ChapSticks, and no one wants to walk around with a pocket full of, well, everything.

The men you know might not want to wear a fanny pack, but that doesn’t mean that a stylish murse isn’t the perfect gift. These five man purses are great, stylish options.

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Our TG & Co. Editors & writers only recommend products that we think are awesome and you’ll love. We do occasionally use affiliate links, which means that we may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. If that’s the case, we will count our cash while you get the goods — it’s a win/win!

Athletic shoulder bag
Photo credit: asos

If he plays an outdoor sport or loves a jog outside, a Nike athletic bag might be a great option for him. While this bag features the fanny pack-esque design that’s popular right now, the bigger size makes it look, well, a bit less like a fanny pack. Plus, it’s the perfect size to fit a wallet, water bottle, phone and a few other simple items he could need on the go.

Classic tote
Photo credit: Nordstrom

If he is always on the go, why not a classic tote? Just like a woman’s tote bag, this one can do anything. Need it to hold a laptop? It can do that. Want to shove a change of clothes in it and use it as an overnight bag? It can do that, too. Basically, a classic tote can be whatever you need it to be.

Sleek crossbody bag
Photo credit: asos

What about something small? Since fanny packs might not be what you want him to wear, this crossbody bag is a chic alternative.

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Hybrid bag
Photo credit: Nordstrom

It’s not a tote and it’s not a backpack, but it is the perfect man purse. If you want to give him a murse that he won’t reject, this metro vertical tote bag from Moleskine is it. No matter how he chooses to use it, it’s functional and stylish.

Practical satchel
Photo credit: asos

Like a tote, a satchel is a classic bag. This one from ASOS is a bit more oversized than typical styles, but he can carry it over the shoulder like a traditional bag or hold it by the shorter handles like a briefcase. If he doesn’t want something as formal as a briefcase, this satchel is perfect and a bit more modern.

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