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Mother-daughter shirts you need to make your teen wear for Mother’s Day

FI - Mother-daughter tees
Photo credit: Nancy Price/

It is an inevitable truth that one of any ’80s and ’90s mom’s greatest wishes — and child’s worst nightmares — was getting dolled up in matching mother-daughter Laura Ashley dresses. There was something about those dowdy floral prints and giant lace collars that made moms swoon. Now that many of the unfortunate daughters of those fashion heathens have children of their own, they have not forgotten the feeling. But it’s also tough to deny the appeal of mother-daughter outfits. So what could you both wear that is actually trendy and won’t come up in therapy in 10 years? Easy: mother-daughter shirts.

There is probably no one in the world who doesn’t love a comfy tee with a witty saying on it, teens included. Plus, it’s way easier to convince a teen to wear a tee than an itchy dress. We’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorites just in time for Mother’s Day.

1. Mother-daughter best friend unicorn tees

Unicorn mom & daughter shirts

Once a girl falls in love with unicorns, she loves them for life. And honestly – you’re both beautiful, sparkly unicorns in this world of horses. So wear the shirt. Wear it proud. And lift your mimosas high. Grab the “Unicorn Mama” shirt here and the “Obviously, a unicorn” shirt here.

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2. Mother-daughter Game of Thrones shirts

Wildings mother-daughter shirts
Photo credit: Wildling shirts/Amazon; Nancy Price/

The family that watches GOT together stays together, and you and your wildling are no exception. These “wildling” and “mother of wildlings” tees show the world that a good story is ageless.

3. #squadgoals

Mom daughter squad
Photo credit: Funny Family squad shirts/Amazon; Nancy Price/

You’ll always have each other’s backs, no matter what. Tell the world that you’re completely inseparable with this mom-daughter squad tee.

4. Royals

Queen and princess t-shirts
Photo credit: Mommy of a Princess shirt/Amazon; Nancy Price/

If she’s always been your little princess, then what does that make you? A true princess gets all her training from her mother, the queen. Make sure everyone knows who is in charge when you rock these super-soft T-shirts around town. Get the mom shirt here and the daughter shirt here.

5. She gets it from her mama

Lucky mama - from my mama shirts
Photo credit: Sweetgrass Paper Company/Amazon; Nancy Prince/

Ever wonder where that daughter of yours got her sense of humor, her attitude, her talent, her brain, her laugh, her drama and her sweetness? It’s from you, Mama. She learned it from watching you. Make sure everyone knows that you are responsible for creating such a magical creature with these super-cute mother-daughter shirts. Get the mama shirt here and the daughter shirt here.

6. Love is all you need

Love mother-daughter shirts
Photo credit: TeeINKS/Amazon; Nancy Price/

All you need is love, love, love is all you need — and maybe also these sweet T-shirts that express how much you mean to each other. She may roll her eyes a little (she will totally roll her eyes), but deep down you’ll both feel extra special. Get the mom shirt here and the daughter shirt here (or mix and match however you’d like!)


And we’d be remiss not to mention the matching mother-daughter shirts you can get from our very own Thanksgiving & Co. apparel store. These are the shirts we’re buying for our mamas, but then again, we might be biased.

7. Mother’s Day besties tees

Besties t-shirts
Photo credit: Nancy Price/

Best friends tell each other their secrets, share advice and clothes, and support each other’s dreams. Sounds like you and your teen, right? Make it official with matching “besties” shirts.

8. Since you’ve needed unlimited extra large coffees for years…

Set venti trenta t-shirts
Photo credit: Nancy Price/

Forget venti and grande. Since she hit the teen years, mama needs a trenta to get through the day, staying up all night worrying about her teen and the world she will inherit. And as for the teen? Only a venti will keep her awake during algebra.

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9. In case she needs reminding

Mother knows best shirts
Photo credit: Nancy Price/

Mother knows best — you know it, and she should know it. Make sure everyone knows it by wearing matching shirts. This will elicit more eye rolls, but just remind her, as the shirt says.

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