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Friendsgiving games and activities that will keep everyone entertained

Friendsgiving games and activities

However you choose to celebrate Friendsgiving — with brunch, dinner, a potluck party or something else — it’s a good idea to have some Friendsgiving games and activities planned to pass the time.

If you and your friends drink, it’s easy enough to build a drinking game with a holiday movie or a football game. But whether you do or don’t choose to imbibe, there are tons of other ways to make Friendsgiving fun.

In the spirit of spending time together on holidays and killing time in case someone’s dish isn’t quite ready by the time everyone shows up to eat (don’t forget to put the turkey in on time!), here are a few game ideas for your Friendsgiving that will make the whole day a memorable treat.

Card games

What Do You Meme?

This adult card game allows you to create hilarious memes with your friends. If you want to DIY it, print some funny photos from the internet and have everyone write blind captions, then mix and match!

Friendsgiving games and activities
Photo credit: Amazon

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The Oregon Trail game

This ‘90s classic 8-bit computer game has arrived in tabletop form and it’s just as fun as it was back in the day. Do your best to survive in this choose-your-own-adventure game before you (almost inevitably) die of dysentery.

Friendsgiving games and activities Oregon Trail
Photo credit: Target

Cards Against Humanity

In case you aren’t familiar with this raunchy, adult version of Apples to Apples, the rules are pretty easy: One person picks a category, the other players put down noun cards that they think fit into that category (ironically or otherwise) and the person who picked the category chooses their favorite.

Each round, a new person picks a category until the cards are gone. At the end of the game, the person who won the most categories wins the game.

It might be best to lay out some ground rules with this one so that no one gets offended or takes things too seriously.

Friendsgiving games and activities Cards Against Humanity
Photo credit: Amazon

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Classic party games

Friendsgiving bingo

Create a Friendsgiving-themed bingo card and give a copy to everyone at the party. Have prizes for people who get bingo throughout the day, and provide a mix of sentimental, funny and neutral spaces.

Ideas for spaces include:

  • Pumpkin pie
  • “I don’t like that type of food”
  • Turkey takes too long
  • “Is there more wine?”
  • Betting on the football game
  • “Who wants leftovers?”

Make sure to leave a free space, too!


This is an oldie but a goodie. Throw book titles, movie titles, comic book characters, celebrity names and politicians into a hat, then split into teams (or play every person for themselves) and try to guess what each person is acting out without them saying a single word. Or, if you want to bypass the extra legwork, just buy this boxed version.

Friendsgiving games and activities Adult Charades
Photo credit: Amazon

Drinking games

“Straight Face”

This drinking game from Thrillist sounds like so much fun: Each person writes down an inappropriate or hard-to-say sentence on a scrap of paper and throws it into a bowl. Then, take turns trying to read them. If you can’t do it with a straight face, drink!

Friendsgiving games and activities drinking game
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Make or buy wishbones

Consider making clay wishbones, buying some on JoAnn or DIY-ing some Popsicle sticks that your friends can wish on and break with the person sitting next to them.

It’s a sweet way to bond and think about what you want most for the future, while also having a quiet moment of introspection after a meal.

Plus, breaking things is fun.

Friendsgiving games and activities wishbones
Photo credit: Getty Images

DIY photo booth

Have everyone bring a funky fall-themed accessory or make some using pumpkins, scraps of paper, face paint, Popsicle sticks, etc. Then, set up a photo booth.

Bonus: Buy or have someone bring a Polaroid camera so the photos are instant and unique.

Friendsgiving games and activities DIY photo booth
Photo credit: Getty Images

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