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Make a homemade glass Christmas tree ornament

Many of the most common Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas tree, are German in origin. The Christmas tree ornament is no exception.

Making a Christmas tree ornament craft project

According to legend, Martin Luther marveled at the beauty of the stars and moon through the trees as he walked through a forest one 16th-century winter night. He cut down a tree and brought it inside to show his wife, adorning its branches with candles to reproduce the light from the stars.

Ever since then, we’ve added baubles and tinsel to make our trees sparkle and shine like those trees on that wintry night in Germany.

Homemade Christmas tree ornament

Among the Christmas traditions children most enjoy is the hanging of the ornaments. One of our team members has a collection of tree decorations given to her by her grandmother — one every Christmas for many years. Her children now love to look through them as they find just the right spots on the tree for each.

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Her own mother has continued the tradition for the grandkids, who receive their own ornaments each year. It all makes for a very special night as they receive their new ornaments and pull out the older ones once again.

Christmas tree ornament

Decorating the tree with custom ornaments

This craft would be a welcome addition to any Christmas ornament tradition. Add your own special touches to commemorate this year or a special milestone.

Supplies for this Christmas tree ornament

  • Plain glass DIY ornament (available at craft stores)
  • Craft snow
  • Funnel
  • Yarn or ribbon for hanging
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Vinyl lettering or sticker

glass Christmas ornament

Directions for this glass Christmas ornament

  1. Using the funnel, fill the ornament partially with the snow.
  2. Attach the lid to close.
  3. Thread decorative ribbon through the ornament top and tie a knot.
  4. Thread the yarn, twine or ribbon you’re using to hang the ornament through the ornament top and knot it, making a large loop.
  5. Attach vinyl lettering or a sticker to the outside of the ornament and smooth into place.

Now, you have a beautiful ornament to hang from your tree or a pretty gift for family and friends — maybe even as part of a new tradition.

Your completed Christmas tree ornament

A completed Christmas tree ornament

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