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Wondering what to buy your techie guru for Valentine’s Day? Check out these 12 fantastic gifts

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Romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day are super easy — a box of chocolates here, a bouquet of flowers there. However, if you have a techie guru to celebrate this V-Day, we’ve got oodles of gift ideas just for your darling.

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Amazon has its own line of relatively inexpensive tablets that would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. From the Fire 7 Tablet (with a 7-inch display) to the larger screens of the Fire 8 and Fire 10, these tablets connect seamlessly with an Amazon account and have a ton to offer a techie who doesn’t currently have a tablet.

Tile Pro

These trackers will help your boo keep track of things they might lose, such as their cell phone or their car keys. This particular set comes with two trackers, each featuring a replaceable battery.


If your love doesn’t yet have a smartwatch, now’s your chance to get an awesome V-Day gift they won’t forget. There are oodles of options, with some meant to complement their phones, but here are a few different styles that are out there now. Samsung makes a fancy smartwatch that is simple yet very functional. You could also go for a Fitbit, which can help your beloved keep track of their activities while playing music. There’s another version that is a little cheaper but still functional called the Amazfit Bip, and if your boo has an iPhone, an Apple Watch will send them over the moon.

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