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7 outfit ideas for a dressy, romantic Valentine’s Day date night

Valentine’s Day isn’t just any old date night — and you shouldn’t just settle for any old outfit from your closet. Creating the perfect look for a romantic night on the town that’s sexy and classy at the same time can be tricky. You know you want to skip anything too short (you don’t want to be tugging at your skirt all night) or too tight (you definitely want to eat at that fancy restaurant you’ve been dying to try). But what else should you be looking for? We have some ideas about what to wear on the most romantic date night of the year that will highlight your assets, make you feel good — and blow your date away.

A red dress

You know the little black dress: it’s a wardrobe staple. However, February 14 calls for a little red dress! A red dress is a Valentine’s Day standby for good reason: not only is it the color of passion, but there is literally a shade of red out there for everybody. Running the spectrum from almost orange to red with a tinge of blue, one is bound to flatter your skin tone. Find your perfect red and your date’s eyes will be on you all night long.

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