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9 casual and romantic Valentine’s Day outfits

Expensive candlelit dinners and crowded restaurants aren’t your scene, and luckily your significant other knows it. A low-key night can still be super special, though, and so can your outfit. You can be stylish, gorgeous and irresistible on a casual date (even more so than usual, we mean) while looking perfectly at home grabbing a slice or taking a stroll around town. Here are a few ideas about what to wear on a casual, romantic Valentine’s date that will make all the women in cocktail dresses and heels wish they were you.

Skinny jeans with a silky top and cashmere sweater

Your favorite skinny jeans make your butt look great, so they’re a no-brainer. A cashmere cardigan layered over a silky tank is so soft and touchable, and that moment when your sweater slips down off your shoulder is unbearably hot. Wear cute boots, not sneakers, to look stylish instead of like you’re making a grocery store run.

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