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6 romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day for short hair

Have fun trying something new this Valentine’s Day with these romantic hairstyles for short hair that will be sure to turn a few heads. From a tousled and sexy bedhead look, to getting creative with flowers, scarves, colors and even braids, find out just how versatile short hair can be with these Cupid-approved short hairstyle ideas.

Sexy tousled waves

This tousled bedhead look is sexy and fun, and it is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This style works great on short bobs with layers. Start by spraying a texturizing spray at the roots to give your hair plenty of volume. Next, use a wide-barreled curling iron and curl your hair in different directions (some curled forward and some back), pulling down on the curling iron as you release to give your curl a relaxed look. Finally, turn your hair upside down and shake it to give it that voluminous, tousled look and finish with hairspray. Then, watch him drool.

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