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13 Easter gift ideas that aren’t candy

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Easter means family and traditions and love. But it can also mean sugar highs and impending cavities. If you’re looking for Easter gift alternatives to candy for those Easter Egg hunts, we did the legwork for you. These candy alternatives will still have the kids hunting with a passion come Easter morning, but they’ll add some variety to your plastic egg-stuffers.

And, as a bonus, these ideas are easily found and readily affordable. No need to go on an Easter hunt of your own.


Yes, you’ll have to raid your piggy bank for this item, but kids love money, even when it’s just a few dimes or a quarter or two for the little ones. This Easter gift can’t be beat.

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You don’t have to try to stuff a whole LEGO kit into the eggs. Instead, buy a larger pack that’s not part of a specific set, like this one, and place a few pieces into each egg for a fun Easter gift.


Flower seeds

Planting season will be right around the corner. You can roll up or fold seed packets to fit inside the eggs for a unique Easter gift, which means the egg-seeker will be able to properly plant the seeds later because they’ll have the directions.


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You can get Easter-themed packs of erasers practically anywhere, including the dollar store or the dollar bins at most stores, like Target or Michaels. They’re cute and small, and definitely fit in a plastic Easter egg.



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