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New Easter candy & cookies in 2019 — from M&M’s to CBD jelly beans

Easter bunny candy and eggs
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If you’re looking to spice up your Easter egg baskets this year with some new, delectable Easter candy, we’ve got you covered.

Turns out, 2019 is shaping up to be a good year for Easter candy. Thanks to the viral potential of unique treats, your favorite candy companies are upping their holiday game.

While Easter staples like Reese’s mini peanut butter chocolate eggs, Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies may still reign supreme as the most popular candy options in the United States, these new Easter candies have the potential to give the classics a run for their money.

Which of these new varieties are you hoping to find in your Easter basket this year?

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White chocolate marshmallow M&M’s

These blue, white and yellow-orange candies will be flavored like white chocolate marshmallows. According to an early review of these M&M’s, the white chocolate flavor is strong, with just a “hint of marshmallow.”


Dove Easter white chocolate carrot cake

Wrapped in individual Easter-themed foil, these white chocolate carrot cake-flavored morsels are the perfect Easter candy addition to 2019 Easter baskets. They even include graham-flavored crisps nestled into in every bite-sized piece.


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Oreo Easter egg-shaped sandwich cookies

This spring, this limited edition Oreo will come in a delightful egg shape and feature purple cream, to boot.


Oreo carrot cake cookies

This Oreo boasts a carrot cake-flavored cookie with a cream cheese frosting.


Peeps coffee creamer

Get your Easter candy fix this year with your morning coffee. International Delight has partnered with Peeps this Easter season to bring you a marshmallow-y, sweet, yellow creamer in honor of those irresistible fluffy bunnies.

It’s not available just yet, but the site promises the creamer is coming soon to major retailers.


Cotton candy Peeps

Let’s be real here, Peeps is the Easter candy we all eat without really knowing why. It’s not like they have a real flavor. In fact, some define it as sugary cardboard. Well, Peeps seems to have recognized the need for some variety, because this year they’re bringing cotton candy Peeps to the shelves, and well done, because that is an intriguing flavor worth trying.


CBD jelly beans

The creator of the original Jelly Belly candy, who left the company in 1980, has a new CBD-infused jelly bean company called Spectrum Confections, which is selling their CBD jelly beans just in time for Easter. According to the website, each jelly bean has 10mg of CBD. The company recommends eating just one to start and going from there based on your personal preferences for proper dosage. These jelly beans are only for the adults so definitely make sure they don’t get mixed up in your kids’ Easter baskets.

CBD jelly beans
Image credit: Spectrum Confections

Cadbury shimmer mini eggs

You might not be able to afford diamonds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your Easter basket some bling this year. Cadbury is introducing a new chocolate egg that has some serious pizzazz. Their chocolate mini eggs are colored with a shimmering candy coating, meaning they’ll really sparkle in those Easter baskets.

Cadbury shimmer mini eggs

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