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Wonderful Mother’s Day gifts to get delivered

Mother's Day gift to get delivered to her door
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Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our love and appreciation for our mom (and the many mom figures in our lives) with carefully chosen gifts that reflect something you know of her personally: her hobbies, tastes, passions, pastimes.

If you’re unable to deliver this gesture in person, order something special online and send it directly to her door! Here’s a look at some unique choices that are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

Mother’s Day gift baskets: Treats to eat & more

For the mom with a sweet tooth, how about a basket of her favorite candies or chocolates? This one has a bit of everything: delectable popcorn, mouthwatering toffee, savory and sweet snack mix. (You might want to include a toothbrush and an apology note to her dentist.)

If the special mom in your life could use a bit of pampering, a spa gift basket would most definitely brighten her day. Most moms are so dedicated that they need an excuse to pamper themselves, and this thoughtful gift does just that.

For the Zen-like mom, this yoga and green tea gift basket will help her relax and stay fit.

Mother's Day gifts to eat and more
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Edible Mother’s Day gifts

For the mom who loves treats but also tries to keep them healthy, a gift box of delicious, health-conscious snacks will please the palate without guilt. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness as she noshes her way through these yummy treats!

If she enjoys entertaining, she’ll love to share a gift of cheese and crackers with guests (but once she sees it, she just might keep it for herself!).

This dried fruit and nut tray is not only a lovely gift of healthy snacks, but also includes a bamboo tray she can use for future get-togethers.

Coffee Mother’s Day gifts

If Mom loves to begin her day with fresh coffee, these coffee gifts are guaranteed to wake her up with a smile. A variety of coffees offers a different choice each day of the week.

This gift basket is a tasty combo of heavenly coffees and coffee accompaniments. If you’re lucky, she might even share!

With all these delicious coffees to try, the perfect coffee cup would come in handy. Pick one that holds enough to get her moving in the morning while also assuaging her coffee addiction.

For the true connoisseur, this book about coffee is actually two gifts in one: something to read and the time to relax and read it. And as long as you’re encouraging her to lounge, don’t forget to get her some lounging socks.

Coffee Mother's Day gifts
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Books for Mother’s Day gifts

For the mom who loves nothing more than burying her nose in a good book, some new reading material will be just the excuse to spend a lazy afternoon in her favorite chair. Pick from her favorite genre on this list of must-read books. To tug at her heartstrings a bit, how about a story all about just being a mom?

If your mom’s always on the go, she’d love a book she can toss in her purse and take with her everywhere — doctor’s appointments, lunch breaks, coffee shops… Give her thousands with a Kindle e-reader!

For the artistic mom, how about a coloring book filled with drawings she can turn into gorgeous pictures with coloring pencils? (For a grandmother, you could try a large-print adult coloring book!) If you’re lucky, you just might even get one of her masterpieces to put on your refrigerator in a fun flip on childhood.

Reading, coloring and other Mother's Day gift books
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Gardening Mother’s Day gifts

If spending time digging in the dirt, cultivating the soil, and growing something beautiful is right up your mom’s alley, she’ll appreciate these gardening tools and tote.

Accessories are nice, too, and these gardening gloves will protect her hands as she tends to her plants. Combine them with a fun t-shirt, hat to shade her face from the sun, and some comfy, gardening shoes, and she’ll have everything she needs to maintain her beautiful garden.

An herb starter kit would provide homegrown herbs to use for cooking.

Sometimes, a gardener just needs a bit of advice. This book provides solutions and suggestions to benefit all levels of gardeners.

Gardening Mother's Day gifts
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