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Last-minute Mother’s Day gifts

Last-minute Mother's Day gifts

If procrastination is your middle name, you’re probably feeling the panic about finding a great Mother’s Day gift. Don’t fret! You still have enough time to find a meaningful gift that will make her feel as special as she is to you. Here are a few last-minute gift ideas that won’t seem last-minute.

Online shopping to the rescue

If, like most people, your late-night shopping “trips” on Amazon are now as common as trips to the grocery store, you likely have an Amazon Prime account. That means a great gift is just a click and a couple days away. (Target and Walmart also offer free 2-day shipping on many items.)

From clothing and jewelry to books and movies, you’ll find a gift that tells her what you need to say. Even better, you can do the shopping at midnight in your PJs, if that’s what works for you!

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Breakfast in bed

Everyone loves a little pampering, and a special breakfast that she doesn’t have to prepare would be a lovely start to her day.

Whip up some pancakes with blueberries and powdered sugar; a veggie omelet; poached eggs with fruit; or crepes topped with fresh berries. The choices are limited only by her tastes! Find an easy recipe, a small vase, a single flower and a handmade card, and you’re all set.

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Bubble bath

What better way to help your mom relax and enjoy some “me” time than with a warm, soothing bath, a closed bathroom door and some quiet time to herself? With some bubble bath in her favorite scent, some lit candles, a small pillow for her head, and maybe even a glass of wine, she’ll emerge relaxed and grateful.

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Movie night

If Mom loves a good flick, fill a small basket with a movie theater gift card, some popcorn and her favorite candy.  She’ll look forward to a night she’s sure to enjoy, and if you’re lucky, she just might invite you to join her. You can also give her a gift card good for a few movie downloads, or even a membership to Netflix or HBO Now.

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Bake up some goodies

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? You’re in luck! In less than an hour, you can bake up a couple dozen cookies. Add sprinkles, candy-covered chocolate candies (like m&ms or pastel pearls) or some decorating icing for a festive touch that’s also fast.

Chocolate chip cookies are pretty universally beloved, but if you don’t have chocolate chips on hand, you probably have all the ingredients needed to make snickerdoodles or sugar cookies. (Here’s a recipe for some amazing brown butter sugar cookies that don’t need to be rolled out.)

Box them up in a clean to-go container, or wrap the cookies in tissue paper and place them inside a gift bag.

A gift with class

Engage her artistic, creative side with an art or painting class. She’ll end up with a finished product or two to display as evidence of your thoughtfulness. Is she a whiz in the kitchen? A specialty cooking class would be right up her alley. Bonus: The whole family benefits from this gift!

Monthly gifts

For a gift that keeps on giving long after Mother’s Day, sign her up for a gift box subscription. Does she have a sweet tooth? A monthly delivery of chocolate would help satisfy. Does she appreciate a fine wine? A monthly delivery would give her the opportunity to try wines she’s never encountered. Is she a book lover? Treat her to new genres and artists with a book-of-the-month club membership.

No present like your time

Ask any mom if she’d clone herself to have help with all she needs to accomplish, and you’ll get a resounding ”YES”! So, for the mom with too much to do and not enough time — that is, all moms — the gift of some extra time would be priceless. Give her a one-time, top-to-bottom housecleaning. Take her out to lunch or on another outing while her house is made to sparkle. The time spent with you is the bonus gift!

Think about her usual chores and how you might make them easier. For instance, like most moms, she probably dreads tromping through the grocery store on the weekly shopping trip. Most local grocery stores now have services that will do the shopping for you from a list you provide. Imagine your mom’s delighted face when groceries are delivered to her doorstep while she enjoys her morning coffee in her pajamas.

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Handwritten card or letter

Any mom will tell you that, when it comes down to it, a handmade gift from the heart is still her all-time favorite. You don’t need a big budget or lots of time — just a few minutes, a pen and some lovely paper.

Write a note to tell her how much you appreciate and love her. You don’t have to be Shakespeare here; just give her a few specific examples of what you love most about her or feel particularly grateful for, or bring back a special memory.

Pair your letter with her favorite homemade treat (a batch of chocolate chip cookies, maybe?) and you’ll make her day. And unlike cut flowers, your handwritten letter won’t wilt. You can bet she’ll keep it tucked away safely wherever she keeps her most precious things.

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