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Gifts for dog dads, because they’re just paw-some

Gifts for dog dads - FI
Photo credit: kroach/Getty Images, Silk Road Tees/Amazon, Carl's Gofland; Tiberius Catinas/

It takes all types of dads to make the world go ‘round, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little partial to dog dads.

This type of dad embraces the chaos that comes with the puppy phase. He revels in the unadulterated joy of hanging your head out a car window on a hot day. He understands the urgency of one more game of fetch, and he always makes time for a belly rub. In short, dog dads are a special breed.

So, to celebrate these canine-loving patriarchs, we’ve compiled a go-to guide full of Father’s Day gifts perfect for your favorite dog dad.

“I Like Big Mutts” doormat

Photo credit: FoxAndCloverBoutique/Etsy

It’s a doormat that gives a shout-out to both rescue dogs and Sir Mix-a-Lot. What’s not to love? He’ll think it’s hilarious, not to mention practical.

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Dog slippers

He needs something quick and cozy to slip on when he has to take Fido out for a middle-of-the-night potty break, right? L.L. Bean’s daybreak scuffs are super-comfortable and — bonus! — feature a cute dog motif.

Petcube Play smart pet camera

Dudes love gadgets almost as much as they love their dogs, making the Petcube Play smart pet camera a no-brainer. This Wi-Fi pet cam will allow him to check on, speak to and even play with (thanks to a laser pointer) his pup anytime, appealing to both his techy side and his doting doggy dad sensibilities.

“The Dogfather” shirt

Photo credit: Silk Road Tees/Amazon

If you’re going to buy him a T-shirt for Father’s Day, let it be one that alludes to both his love for pups and one of his favorite movies. You can’t get much more iconic than The Dogfather, er, we mean The Godfather.

Custom-made, hand-drawn pet portrait

Ask him to choose a photo of him and his dog, then have that turned into a custom-made, hand-drawn original portrait. It’s the kind of gift that he’ll cherish long after his pup is gone.

Dog butt animal magnets

Guess what? Puppy butt! It’s practically a natural law that guys will always find rear ends funny, so go ahead and lean into that by gifting your favorite dog dad these adorable fridge magnets.

Needlepoint “hair of the dog” flask

Give him the gift that keeps on giving with this needlepoint flask — the “hair of the dog” design makes it ideal for subtle sips of alcohol and, hey, maybe even hair of the dog itself.

Dog blueprints

Photo credit: Uncommon Goods

Not only will the mid-century blueprint style of this wall art appeal to his design sensibilities, but he’ll also appreciate the fact that it honors his favorite breed (whatever that may be — he can choose from a comprehensive list).

“Dog Dad Bod” T-shirt

Move over, standard dad bod! The dog dad bod is here to stay and, we’ve gotta say, it’s pretty darn irresistible.

“Dog Beers” cozy

If you follow the logic on this “dog beers” cozy, it’s safe to say dog math is probably a dog dad’s dream formula.

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Dog Shaming book

This hilarious book captures dogs after their most mischievous moments, when their punny owners call them out for bad behavior. Maybe your favorite dog dad can pick up a few ideas for any daddy dog-shaming he’ll inevitably have to do at some point.

“Don’t Stop Retrievin’” long-sleeved T-shirt

You guys. Stahhhhp. It’s an ode to not only Golden Retrievers but also to Journey. You might want to get this long-sleeve T-shirt for him just so you can steal it.

Photo keychain

Photo credit: Phishka/Etsy

Don’t worry; dads who aren’t fans of kitschy keychains are sure to like this chic black engraved version. Whether he’s recently lost a dog he wants to pay homage to or he just wants to make sure his BCF (best canine friend) is with him at all times, this keychain ensures his favorite pup will never be far from his mind.

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