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Your Easter 2019 horoscope is here

2019 Easter horoscope
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We may associate the impending Easter holiday weekend with church, resurrection, chocolate bunnies, and easter eggs, but the planets are constantly moving above us in the universe. Those of us that are more astrologically inclined can feel the push and pull of the different planetary shifts and transits, and Easter is not exempt from this astrological phenomena.

The full moon in Libra on April 19th will be leaving many of us feeling ultra sensitive to the emotions of the people around us. We will be riding this empathetic wave all weekend, so channel that compassion into something positive, rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed.

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Here’s a breakdown of your Easter horoscopes. Be sure to read for both your sun sign and rising sign if you know it. Taking both into account will give you a better understanding of what to expect over the Easter holidays.

Easter weekend according to the stars

But what do the stars hold for your sign in particular? Be sure to read for both your sun sign and rising sign if you know it. Taking both into account will give you a better understanding of what to expect over the Easter holidays.

You have a tendency to go, go, go. Resist the urge to overbook yourself; instead, allow things to simply happen. Take good care of yourself. If you need healing and a fresh start, make it happen. Remember that you are the hero of your story, so start treating yourself as such. Venus will enter Aries on April 20th, so stay open to love and connection. You might be feeling quite social and magnetic. Use it to your advantage.

Channel your inner marathoner, Taurus. It’s all about stamina right now. Push through your doubts, and keep working toward your goals. The full moon April 19th might bring a shakeup, so be prepared to pivot and do some damage control over the weekend. Stay strong and motivated; persevere! You’ve got this.

Be careful about the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who support you and help you grow, and don’t forget to return it. Relationships — romantic and otherwise — are a two-way street; you get what you give. Venus will enter Aries on April 20th, so this weekend might be a particularly social and flirty time for you, Gemini. Enjoy it!

You have everything you need, Cancer. Keep developing your skills, and the recognition and praise for your hard work will come in time. You are tending your garden, so keep watering those seeds; soon, you’ll have an abundance of flowers. On April 20th, Venus enters Aries in your 10th house, which rules work, so promising things are on the horizon in your professional life.

Trust your intuition, and be confident in your decisions, Leo. Forge new paths if you need to, and know that everything you do is a learning experience. The more you learn, the stronger you will be. Venus enters fellow fire sign Aries on April 19th and will be in your 9th house of travel, so consider taking a trip for the holiday weekend. You might just meet a new love interest or good friend.

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Be resourceful, Virgo. Take stock of what you have, and practice gratitude for all you take for granted. What do you have to work with that can help you achieve your goals? Know your strengths, and champion them. You might receive some financial news around the full moon April 19th, as it is in your second house of earned income; be prepared to deal with that over the weekend.

You reap what you sow, Libra. The effort you’ve put into achieving your goals will be met with great reward. The second full moon in a row is in your sign of Libra, so it will be extra-potent this time around on April 19th. An important project or idea that you’ve been working on may come to fruition or reach a powerful conclusion that might feel quite turbulent or overwhelming. Take deep breaths and tap into that Libran balance of yours.

This month has been all about ebb and flow for you Scorpios. You need to practice letting go and trusting your instincts. What is no longer serving you? Say goodbye and lose the dead weight. The full moon April 19th is in your 12th house of secrets, so you may be feeling especially drained this weekend. Don’t forget the importance of self care.

This month has likely been very social for Sagittarius. Harness your creative energy, and explore new ideas. Some of them will come to fruition and some won’t, and that’s OK. Curiosity is your friend. Take risks; even if they don’t pan out the way you plan, they will lead to new and better ideas and more fruitful paths.

You don’t need to be the best at everything, Capricorn. Focus on what makes you excited. Allow yourself to shine without putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed. The full moon April 19th is in your 10th house of work, so you may be fielding a lot of professional offers or propositions. You may be feeling conflicted, and that’s OK. Don’t make hasty decisions or commitments; instead, take time to mull things over.

Take it easy this weekend, Aquarius. Allow yourself to rest and reflect. Give yourself space to imagine, create, and explore. This time for yourself will nourish your spirit. Simply be present and enjoy the moment. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your 11th house of friends, so you might feel more social than usual. Connecting with others and networking may be especially fortuitous at this time.

Money has likely been a focus this month. Get practical and evaluate your circumstances. What can you do realistically about your situation and goals? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take baby steps and learn along the way. The full moon April 19th could bring some unexpected expenses or financial news. This weekend is not one for being frivolous with money.

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