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5 ways to simplify your Thanksgiving preparation

Get some help to make your Thanksgiving celebration easier and more fun with these products from the USA TODAY NETWORK Shop!

Five helpful holiday bargains

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Whipping up a Thanksgiving meal for a crowd is no small feat. While you may make it look effortless, let’s face it; We all know that a lot of time and planning goes into creating a feast for your friends and family. To help make your holiday both fun and stress-free for all, we have compiled a list of time-saving products that will make your meal prep feel as effortless as you make it look!

1. Cut some time off your prep

Chop up those fresh herbs five times as fast with these clever, five-blade stainless steel herb scissors. The cushioned handle will keep your hard-working fingers comfortable, and your herbs will stay crisper than when chopped with a knife. You don’t even need to wash the cutting board, because these allow you to mince those greens right into your casserole. Plus, save 52% with the above link! Buy them for only $11.99.

2. Serve in style

Sure, you could serve the vino directly from the bottle, but serving your wine from this premium wine decanter will add a touch of sophistication to your holiday table setting. It is not only beautiful but also practical, with a no-drip design that will keep your tablecloth pristine. Each decanter is a one-of-a-kind work of art hand-created by artisans, and it’s sure to be a treasured family heirloom for generations. Thankfully, this work of art doesn’t cost a fortune: You can buy it for 66% off today! Get it for only $19.99.

3. Add a touch of sweetness

Everyone loves a touch of something sweet, and Bees Knees honey is the perfect way to add it to your table. Hand-bottled in Brooklyn, New York, this artisanal honey is perfect for topping dinner rolls, adding to spiced cider and candying sweet potatoes. You can even use it to glaze your holiday turkey or ham! Get it today for 23% off. That’s only $31.99 for a set of three!

4. Keep your table tidy

Plan ahead to prevent those uh-oh moments! These non-spill wine glasses not only feature an ultra-modern look but are also designed to prevent those messy and stressful spills. Instead of the usual top-heavy design of a traditional long-stemmed wine glass, these are set upon a stainless-steel ball that prevents a potential catastrophe while still allowing for easy aeration of your vino. You can save 58%, and get a set of two for only $39.99.

5. Feast, then bring on the fun!

Although we all love the food, the most important part of the holidays is the time spent with friends and family. Sometimes, though, finding an activity that everyone can do together is difficult. This 1000 piece Halftone Colours Puzzle will provide fun and laughter for loved ones of all ages. You can get it from only $35.99, or 28% off the regular price.

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