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How to be the perfect Thanksgiving guest

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Whether you’re traveling this holiday or heading to a friend or family member’s home just a hop and a skip away, there are certain to-dos as a guest that will help make the celebration more enjoyable for everyone. Be the perfect Thanksgiving guests with these simple tips.

Ask what you can bring

Even the most fastidious hostess could use a hand with the meal, whether she likes to admit it or not. While she’ll likely handle the main dish, offer to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert to complement her the holiday feast.

Prepare your dish complete with serving ware

If your hostess accepts your offer to bring something, prepare your dish as complete as possible to avoid having to use her stove or oven. Her appliances may be in use when you arrive, so make sure your dish only requires a quick warming in the microwave or a simple garnish before serving. Bring along your own serving dish and any special serving utensils required.

Arrive on time

Unless your hostess has asked you to arrive early to help set up, plan to get there right on time to avoid adding stress to her last-minute preparations… plus you don’t want to catch her in the shower!

Bring a hostess gift

While it’s not required, it’s a nice gesture to thank your gracious hostess upon arrival with a simple gift. Whether it’s the ol’ faithful bottle of wine (because one can never have too much wine on hand), or something in keeping with the season such as a luscious candle or mini potted rosemary tree, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Check out more hostess gift ideas on TheNest.

Help with cleanup

Assist your hostess at the end of the meal by collecting stray drink glasses and napkins, cover leftover dishes, and shake off placemats. Cleaning up can be just as tedious as the preparation, so make sure your hostess knows that you’re willing to help where needed.

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