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Dinner & a movie: ‘Casper’

Dinner and a movie Casper
Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Oh, to be young and in love … with a ghost? Inter-dimensional romance aside, Casper is a nostalgic film that’ll give you all the middle school feels.

A sweet story of love at first sight, with a few creepy crawlies and screams in between, Casper will have you laughing out loud — even if it is two decades old. (Sorry to make you feel ancient, but it’s true.)

This family-friendly movie is a perfect choice for getting your kids excited for Halloween, especially if you have any little ones who scare easily. After all, they don’t call him the “friendly” ghost for nothing! So, get the whole fam together for a night of spooktacular laughs with dinner and movie Casper edition.

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Dress the part

Well, this one’s easy, right? Break out a few old sheet sets and let the kids go wild pretending to be Casper, Stretch, Fatso and Stinky.

Dinner and a movie Casper
Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Get your Casper on

Before you can conjure up some yummy eats, you have to get the movie ready:

MOVIE: Casper (Don’t have it? Get it at Amazon or see more options)
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 40 minutes
STARRING: Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Cathy Moriarty

Dinner and a movie: Your Casper menu

And now, for our feature presentation …

Beverage: Toxic sludge margarita

The icky ghost barf and belches of Stretch, Fatso and Stinky are undeniably gross. But this toxic sludge margarita — while equally neon green in color — is nothing but delicious.

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Family Spice’s cool cocktail gets its unique color from the Kiwano fruit. And though it may look like slime, it actually has a sweet, fruity taste. Just skip the booze and you’ve got a tasty, mesmerizing mocktail for the whole family to enjoy.

Dinner and a movie Casper toxic sludge margarita
Photo credit: Family Spice

Appetizer: Homemade pretzel bites

Casper loves baseball, and his most prized possession is his ball signed by Duke Snider, aka “The Duke of Flatbush.” So, why not start the night off with some stadium fare?

These homemade pretzel bites are a snack that even a ghost would love, and they’re the perfect combo of soft dough, sweet brown sugar and salty goodness.

Dinner and a movie Casper homemade soft pretzel bites
Photo credit:

Entrée: Lobster mac and cheese

Casper is set at the stunning but spooky Whipstaff Manor in sweetly named Friendship, Maine. Maine is known for being home to lighthouses, beautiful scenery, Stephen King (who even gets a slight nod in the movie) and, of course, lobster.

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Serving lobster doesn’t necessarily have to be lavish. For something easy to prepare and sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, try My Man’s Belly’s creamy lobster mac and cheese.

Dinner and a movie Casper lobster mac and cheese
Photo credit: My Man’s Belly

Dessert: Happy little ghost sugar cookies

Is there anything sweeter than first love, even if it is between a human and a ghost? Not really, except maybe these happy ghost sugar cookies from Sarah’s Bake Studio.

Use a tulip cookie cutter to get the perfect ghost shape. These cookies are also super easy to decorate, using just white icing and a black food pen so you can get all the kids involved. Even the littlest ones can take part!

Dinner and a movie Casper happy little ghost sugar cookies
Photo credit: Sarah’s Bake Studio

Bonus! Activities

Make movie night extra special with a few fun activities. Get in the ghostly spirit with Casper’s favorite word and make some boo-tiful (see what we did there?) DIY glitter boo letters.

Dinner and a movie Casper DIY glitter boo letters
Photo credit:

And who said giving had to be limited to Thanksgiving and Christmas? Get the whole family involved in putting together some “You’ve Been Booed” goodie bags and deciding who to give them to. Sort of like a Halloween version of Secret Santa, they make perfect gifts for neighbors, friends and even teachers. Click here for some free printables to decorate them with.

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Looking for more spooktacular dishes, drinks and activities? Have a browse through our Halloween collection of articles. There’s something for every ghost, ghoul and goblin!

Dinner and a movie Casper Halloween printables
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