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How to wear atheleisure for holiday celebrations & make it work

Beautiful woman in sunglasses, belt bag and sweatshirt.
Photo credit: Envato Elements; Tiberius Catinas/

If you’re like me, you’ve fully embraced the athleisure style, because leggings are life. So, when an occasion like a religious holiday — take for example, oh, I don’t know, Easter or Christmas — comes along, you get stuck about what to wear. Because, sure, a pair of heels and a dress are nice, but so are your comfy bike shorts and favorite go-to hoodies.

Here’s the thing: You shouldn’t have to put on a frilly dress that isn’t you just because you’re going to be around family. They should love you for who you truly are, right? So, maybe you don’t have to leave your favorite athletic pieces folded nicely in your workout drawer (or strewn all across your room — girl, I see you). Maybe the key is to elevate the looks you love so much so that you can appropriately wear your Lululemon any day of the year.

It might seem impossible, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. Atheleisure style is here and here to stay. Here are ways you can do it and avoid glares from your mom the moment you walk in the room.

The dad sneakers

Building from last spring’s platform trend, the thick running shoe, also known as the “dad sneaker trend,” is hitting the pavement hard. But how do you do it for Easter?

Wear a white pair of kicks like the classic Nike Air Force Jester (or something similar) with a short spring dress à la Freida Pinto. Alternatively, throw on a slip dress with a tee underneath. Trust, the full look will be a slam dunk and no one will really focus on the fact that you’re wearing athletic shoes.

Theaster Gates, Spike Lee and Dee Rees, in conversation with Okwui Enwezor, for the presentation of film program 'Soggettiva Theaster Gates' at Fondazione Prada, M
Photo credit: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

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The bike shorts

This is the piece of the season. Borrowed from cyclists, knee-length shorts are being worn by everyone, including those who haven’t seen or ridden a bike since middle school (cough, cough, me).  Copy Fendi and keep things covered up on top. A black blazer makes the shorts appear holiday appropriate, whether you choose a neon pair or shiny black ones. Also, notice the fanny pack. We’ll be talking about that shortly…

Bella Hadid in Fendi Runway show
Photo credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The fitness leggings

When Chanel sends leggings down the runway, you know the men in your life are wrong — they’re not just for gyms and yoga rooms. Grab the high-waisted black pair (preferably clean) you usually wear with a fun printed sports bra and pair them with a cropped ladylike jacket like Kaia Gerber above. They’d also work under a short dress or tunic. Plus — huge perk — you can roll around with your nephews and nieces without flashing everyone.

Kaia Gerber in Chanel runway show
Photo credit: BERTRAND GUAY/Getty Images

The belt pack

Take your look to the next trend level (and ignore wisecracks from your dad) by wearing your belt pack across your chest. It sounds crazy, but it doesn’t look crazy. As done by Sofia de Betak (you might known her as “chufy” on Instagram), it’s actually pretty chic and — hey, naysayers — it’s smart. With your belt pack around your chest, no one will pickpocket you. If you’ve got siblings, you know what I mean.

Sofia de Betak at Paris Fashion Week
Photo credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Don’t have a belt pack yet? Check out Dagne Dover’s selection of colors. I suggest opting for a pretty pastel. It’s subtle yet successfully executes the look.

The crop mesh top

A stomach: You’ve got it and you should flaunt it. When some people think crop top, they think of something that’s really only appropriate for a beach day or going out on the town. But as Gigi Hadid proved in the Prabal Gurung spring show, not all crop tops are equal. Get one that shows a little flesh (it’s technically called a short top) and pair it with a skirt. This athleisure fashion trend absolutely works for dressy occasions outside of the gym. Pro tip: Try this short-sleeve style and wear it with a midi-length skirt to keep the proportions balanced.

Gigi Hadid in Prabal Gurung Spring Show
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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The hoodie

Ever thought about wearing your comfy go-to hoodie with a jacket and matching skirt? No? Well, I say do it. The fashion line Riani does it on the runway. Even Hailey Baldwin does it. With the right layering, you don’t even really notice they’ve got a sweats layer on.

To pull it off, make sure you wear a solid-colored hoodie like this Levi’s one. Then you can get wild and top it with mix-matching patterns like Michael Kors did on a recent runway. From the outside, you’ll look dressy, but you’ll be feeling oh, so cozy.

Riani show Berlin Fashion Week
Photo credit: Stefan Knauer /Getty Images

What kind of atheleisure fashion trends are you most into? Let us know @Homeoftheholidays or in the comments below.

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