Old fahioned lychee cocktail on the rustic background

Strawberry lychee "nojitos"

Yield 4 12-ounce drinks plus extra fruit



  1. Place 2 strawberries, 2 lychees and 3–5 mint leaves in each glass and muddle together until well combined and fragrant.
  2. Fill each glass nearly full with soda water. 
  3. Add 1–2 tablespoons lychee syrup to each glass and adjust sweetness to preference with lychee syrup.


  • Add a tiny umbrella for maximum summertime fanciness.
  • Tall, skinny Mason jars are ideal for this, but any highball glass with a sturdy bottom will do. 
  • If you're making a batch for a crowd, avoid the temptation to muddle too far ahead of time; you’ll lose the fragrance and color of the mint. Instead, set up a DIY bar with all the fixings, and mix the first round yourself. After that, folks can help themselves and mix as they like. 

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