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Seasonal cocktail recipes for Thanksgiving dinner

During Thanksgiving get-togethers, you will want to be sure to have some fun recipes for cocktails that celebrate the season. Check out these fall-inspired delicious libations.

Thanksgiving is not complete without a little holiday cheer! These seasonal cocktail recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving and with so many choices there is something for everyone.

Pear, vanilla, and vodka cocktails

After saying goodbye to summer, it’s time to usher in Thanksgiving with these sweet and decadent Pear, vanilla, and vodka cocktails from Two-Tarts. Those little black specks are fresh vanilla beans!


Cranberry ginger fizz

For a fruity drink to pair with the cranberry sauce accompanying your Thanksgiving feast, try this Cranberry ginger fizz from Creative-Culinary.


Apple cider margaritas

Apple flavored drinks are perfect for setting getting in the Thanksgiving mood, such as Apple cider margaritas from How Sweet Eats which combine yummy apple cider and tequila.


Apple cider and champagne sangria

Another option is to mix apple cider with champagne to make this Apple cider and champagne sangria from Kiran Tarun.


Caramel appletini

And, if you like martinis, the Caramel appletini from Celebrations At Home is a sweet and sour blend of Sour Apple Pucker and Buttershots and tends to go down quite nicely.


Bourbon pecan pie milkshake

For a drink that exemplifies all the flavors of the holiday, go for this indulgent Bourbon pecan pie milkshake from Buns In My Oven.


Thanksgiving crantini

This holiday, shake up this Thanksgiving crantini from our own kitchen, flavored with tart citrus and cranberry, so it’s not overly-sweet. Anyone who likes the beautiful blend of vodka and cranberries will enjoy this festive Thanksgiving drink!

Crantini cocktail for Thanksgiving |


Pumpkin pie ingredients, plus rum and whiskey, will make the Pumpkintini from Cooking With Curls a seasonal favorite.


Boozy pumpkin pie white hot chocolate

Boozy pumpkin pie white hot chocolate from Diethood is perfect for a hot Thanksgiving drink. Add the rum at the end for a little kick.


Bailey’s and hot chocolate tiramisu

Layered and lovely this Bailey’s and hot chocolate tiramisu from Pham Fatale guarantees you’re going to need a spoon for this one!


Boozy raspberry hot chocolate

Boozy raspberry hot chocolate from Host The Toast is made with Chambord raspberry liqueur and fresh raspberries on top.


Spiked frozen mexican hot chocolate

Cayenne pepper and tequila come together in this recipe for Spiked frozen mexican hot chocolate from The Well Floured Kitchen.


Boozy hazelnut turtle hot chocolate

Boozy hazelnut turtle hot chocolate from Slim Pickins Kitchen blends Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka and Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur into a luscious concoction.


The Bul

Looking for a cocktail that’s easy to make while light and refreshing? I suggest the Cuban drink called The Bul {pronounced “bool”} from Serious Eats.  Ginger beer+lime+pale ale = I’ll have another!


With so many tempting cocktails to choose from, it should be easy to please your guests as well as yourself.  After all, ‘tis the season!

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