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Spicy, smoky and bloody divine: 5 bloody Mary recipes

Delicious tomato bloody mary cocktail on dark blue concrete table
Photo credit: ArtSvitlyna/Getty

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or nursing a hangover, the Bloody Mary is the quintessential cocktail for before-noon imbibing.

The basic Bloody Mary is made from tomato juice, lemon juice, horseradish, and Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces. From there, you can change it up to suit your tastes in innumerable ways.

History of the Bloody Mary infographic

Below, we’ve rounded up five of the best Bloody Mary concoctions from the food blog world.

The ultimate bloody Mary

Are you ready to wow your guests? Or add a meaty punch to your brunch beverage? Then check out Honestly Yum‘s ultimate Bloody Mary with bacon, crab, shrimp, spicy green beans, peppers and more. The garnish possibilities are endless with this one.

For an extra-special look and taste, use the recommended black lava salt for the rim of the glass. It adds visual appeal and a great balancing taste.

The ultimate Bloody Mary
Photo credit: Honestly Yum

The perfect Bloody Mary

Our next Bloody Mary pick comes from Andrew Zimmern. He’s created a perfect Bloody Mary mix that’s tasty enough to stand alone without vodka. He recommends having an assortment of garnishes available so guests can build their own masterpieces.

The perfect Bloody Mary
Photo credit: Andrew Zimmern

Bloody Mary with shrimp

A bloody Mary fit for… well, a queen is up next. Jo-Lynne Shane’s ultimate Bloody Mary recipe combines the traditional with the atypical Old Bay seasoning. And to finish it off, she garnishes the cocktail with Old Bay-dusted shrimp. Divine!

Bloody Mary with shrimp
Photo credit: Jo-Lynne Shane

Spicy Mary

If an aversion to vodka has kept you from trying a Bloody Mary, Powell and Mahoney have a recipe for you. Their Spicy Mary is made with gin rather than the traditional vodka and uses P&M’s Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix as its base. It’s sure to light your taste buds up after a long night.

Spicy Mary
Photo credit: Powell & Mahoney

Smoked bloody Mary with smoked bacon

The smoked Bloody Mary with smoked bacon from Vindulge pairs smoked bacon with smoked tomatoes to create something — you guessed it — smokey.

Although this drink has the most steps of all the recipes featured here, the finished flavor is worth every step. Naturally, don’t forget the smoked-salt-rimmed glass or smoked ice cubes. Too much smoke flavor is no such thing with this drink.

Smoked Bloody Mary with smoked bacon
Photo credit: Vindulge

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