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12 stovetop chili recipes to keep you warm

Photo credit: Lemon Tree Dwelling/Divas Can Cook/Jo Cooks/In Katrina's Kitchen/Amanda's Cookin'/Homemade Interest/The Beach House Kitchen/Budget Bytes/Sally's Baking Addiction/Chef in Training/Chocolate Covered Katie

One person’s chili is not another person’s chili. Chili recipes vary by location, spices, prep method and meat/beans (or lack thereof). Some recipes use chocolate, cinnamon cumin or just chili powder. The variations   — and possibilities — are endless!  Below is a savory sampling of 12 stovetop chilis from around the food blog world.

Weeknight black bean chili

First up is Budget Bytes’ weeknight black bean chili. This recipe calls for ground turkey, black beans and diced tomatoes with green chilies. In less than 20 minutes, your family can enjoy a filling and healthy bowl of goodness.

Photo credit: Budget Bytes

Easy homemade hot dog chili

Nothing says “summertime” like chili dogs. Conjure up a little warm-weather bliss even in the depths of winter with this hot dog chili recipe from Divas Can Cook. It won’t keep you in the kitchen long, and will please adults and children alike. This is a good chunky chili perfect for loading on top of hot dogs.

Photo credit: Divas Can Cook

Vegetarian chili recipe

Looking for a meatless chili? Trying to increase your vegetable consumption? This is your new go-to. From Chocolate Covered Katie comes this vegetarian chili that’s chock full of veggies and beans. Fibrous and filling, this chili is a keeper.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie

Spicy black bean turkey chili

If you like a kick to your chili, this is your recipe. The Beach House Kitchen brings us this spicy black bean turkey chili. With ground turkey, black beans and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, this chili will keep your tastebuds hopping — perfect for clearing your head when you have the sniffles.

Photo credit: The Beach House Kitchen

Cornbread-topped skillet chili

Everyone likes cornbread with chili. How about cornbread baked on top of the chili like a shepherd’s pie? Genius, right? Sally’s Baking Addiction has devised this cornbread-topped skillet chili, and it’s delicious. Just cook your chili, whip up the cornbread, spoon it on top, bake and voila! Dinner is done.

Photo credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Three-bean chili

Love beans? Look no further than three-bean chili from Amanda’s Cookin’. The combination of black, red kidney and white beans is a delicious backdrop for the homemade spice mix (no need to pick up a packet of chili mix for this one). The addition of beans ups the fiber content nicely.

Photo credit: Amanda’s Cookin’

Pork chili verde

Pork chili verde is a tasty Mexican dish that combines slow-cooked pork, beans and green enchilada sauce, sometimes served with a fried egg on top. This pork chili verde recipe from Jo Cooks combines cubed pork tenderloin with beans, green chili and green enchilada sauce. It’s a soothing and savory dish.

Photo credit: Jo Cooks

Creamy sriracha white chicken chili

Tired of the tomato-based chiles? Try this creamy sriracha white chicken chili from Lemon Tree Dwelling. Instead of red chiles, this white chili uses green chiles (canned or fresh). White beans and cream make for a creamy, filling and tasty meal.

Photo credit: Lemon Tree Dwelling

Healthy turkey chili

Ground turkey is the perfect substitute for ground beef if you’re looking to be more health-conscious. Over at Sugar and Soul, Rebecca’s combined ground turkey with the traditional chili ingredients and added dark chocolate, which perfectly balances out the heat from the chili powder and paprika. It’s the special ingredient that makes people ask, “What’s in this?” Give this healthy turkey chili a try!

Photo credit: Sugar & Soul

Pale-ale chili

Chili and beer go together like ice cream and root beer. Don’t believe it? Give this pale-ale chili from Homemade Interest a go. This recipe calls for ground beef, ground sausage, the usual chili ingredients and your favorite beer. It’s a perfect winter meal for those cold nights.

Photo credit: Homemade Interest

Cowboy chili

Chili has always been the perfect meal for cowboys huddled around the campfire listening to the coyotes and watching the stars. It’s also perfect for you when you’re home on the range but don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking over it. Chef in Training has created this delicious cowboy chili guaranteed to fill stomachs and hearts with warmth during cold winter nights.

Photo credit: Chef in Training

Southwest chicken chili

Rounding out this chili roundup is Southwest chicken chili from In Katrina’s Kitchen. Soothing and meaty, this chili is loaded up with chicken, diced tomatoes and the usual chili suspects. She also switches up the flavor with dry ranch and taco seasonings. Easy and delicious, this chili will hook you.

Photo credit: In Katrina’s Kitchen

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