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10 unique and hearty wintertime stews

10 unique and hearty wintertime stews
Photo credit: Jessica Gavin/Chocolate Covered Katie/RecipeTin Eats/Jessica Gavin/Chunky Chef/Valerie's Kitchen/Jessica Gavin/Skinny Taste/Budget Bytes/The Cozy Apron

Especially when it’s cold outside, rich and delicious stews filled with veggies and meat are great options this time of year!

Stews are typically slow-cooked soups with leaner, tougher cuts of meat. The slow process helps to soften the meat, thicken the broth, and meld the all of the wonderful flavors.

A typical stew is thicker than a soup, with lots of chunky meat and potato bites — but of course, variations abound!Here, we’ve rounded up 10 delicious and filling stews to warm hearts and bellies.

Irish beef and Guinness stew

Rich, dark Guinness beer is perfect for stews, and Recipe Tin Eats has a great way to use it. This Irish beef and Guinness stew slow-cooks a nice cubed chuck roast to perfection in a delectable gravy. Stews shouldn’t be rushed, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Photo credit: RecipeTin Eats

 Hearty beer-braised chicken stew with vegetables

Jessica Gavin has created a delectable beer-braised chicken stew with vegetables recipe that combines a pale ale with lean chicken breasts and vegetables. She braises it all together in the oven to fully tenderize even the toughest bits.

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

African vegan peanut stew

Traditionally, stews use meat as the base, but not so with this African vegan peanut stew from Budget Bytes. Garlic, ginger and peanut butter start it off. Once the other vegetables are added, the whole thing cooks for about 15 minutes. It’s a tasty concoction for the vegan and would make an interesting addition to family meals.

Photo credit: Budget Bytes

Million-dollar vegetable and lentil stew

From Chocolate Covered Katie, we have a 1 million dollar vegetable stew. (Say that with an Austin Powers accent.) Another vegetarian option for stews, this one uses a gazillion vegetables and lentils for a hearty bite.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie

Italian white-bean vegetable stew with sausage

A sausage stew on a winter’s night is so comforting. Jessica Gavin has created just such a dish with her Italian white-bean vegetable stew with sausage. Tender white beans combine with farro and a host of vegetables to act as a tasty backdrop for browned Italian sausage.

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

Philly cheesesteak stew

If Philly cheesesteaks are your thing, then you have to try this Philly cheesesteak stew from The Cozy Apron. It’s everything you love about that glorious sandwich from the City of Brotherly Love: cheese, sirloin and mushrooms served up in a sourdough bread bowl.

Photo credit: The Cozy Apron

Sausage white-bean and kale stew

From Valerie’s Kitchen  comes this sausage white-bean and kale stew. The sausage is browned in the pan, then removed so the remaining vegetables soak up all the remnant sausage bits. White beans and kale round it all out for a quick and flavorful meal.

Photo credit: Valerie’s Kitchen

Jamaican coconut shrimp stew

In the mood for something new? Have a look at Skinny Tastes’ Jamaican coconut shrimp stew. She uses shrimp, jerk seasoning, an uber-hot Scotch bonnet pepper and coconut milk to make a spicy and unforgettable meal.

Photo credit: Skinny Taste

Moroccan lamb stew with couscous

Try this Moroccan lamb stew from Jessica Gavin if you’re in the mood for something exotic and flavorful. The ingredient list is substantial, but all those spices and seasonings perfectly flavor a delectable, tender, hearty meal. Serve with couscous for the full Moroccan effect.

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

Drunken slow-cooker beef carbonnade stew

The Chunky Chef has created this drunken slow-cooker beef carbonnade stew with — you guessed it — beer. The beef carbonnade is slow-cooked in a beer and beef base, then served with egg noodles to recreate a traditional Belgium stew. It’s easy on time and super-delicious for those busy weeknights.

Photo credit: Chunky Chef

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