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If chocolate is an aphrodisiac, these 10 chocolate desserts are perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love by cuddling up and feeding each other one of these chocolate desserts. Chocolate has a reputation for stoking the fires of love, and we’re giving you 10 Valentine’s Day dessert recipes to see if this renowned confection lives up to its aphrodisiacal lore.

Texas sheet cake

Nothing says romance like this Texas sheet cake, inspired by The Pioneer Woman’s best chocolate sheet cake ever.

This lip-licking moist Valentine’s Day cake boasts big cocoa flavor, a lovely tang from the buttermilk, lots of butter and a luscious chocolate frosting studded with chopped pecans.

Best yet, you bake and frost this sigh-inducing cake in a single sheet pan — no precisely cut cake layers, no fussy fillings, no frosting skills required. For a mouthwateringly memorable Valentine’s Day, serve this dessert warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.

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Individual chocolate soufflés

Surprise your Valentine with these individual chocolate soufflés and revel in how they make you two swoon.

Lusciously light yet rich with chocolate, these petite sweet treats come out of the oven with impressive high-rise perfection, begging to be eaten immediately. As you dive your spoons into the warm billow of chocolate, you can gaze into your mate’s eyes and murmur, “This is love at first bite.”

The soufflés’ airy texture, decadent dark chocolate flavor and hint of coffee will captivate your attention, intoxicate your senses and whet your appetite for the night to come.

Heart-shaped brownies with raspberry buttercream

Feed your lover one of these heart-shaped brownies with raspberry buttercream and you’ll have a mate for life.

Better than square frosted brownies, these Valentine’s Day brownies are cut into hearts and then filled with raspberry buttercream. You and your Valentine will love nibbling away at the brownies, which feature dense chocolate flavor, a welcome hint of espresso and a fabulously fudgy texture. The lush filling offers a fresh raspberry tartness that is a bright counterpoint to the rich chocolate.

Chocolate soup for 2

Not your ordinary Valentine’s Day chocolate dessert, this chocolate soup for two from Heather at Sprinkle Bakes is a velvety smooth soup that is topped with a dreamy dollop of marshmallow cream cheese. The texture of this dish is somewhere between drinkable like cocoa and lusciously spoonable like pudding.

Though your sweetheart may initially hesitate at such a daring dessert, upon first taste, you both will be proclaiming your love for it — and each other — in between big chocolate spoonfuls and savored slurps. To make this chocolate soup, you combine milk, half-and-half and condensed milk with chunks of bittersweet chocolate and vanilla, then simmer the ingredients until thick and smooth. Pour the soup into bowls, garnish and serve. So simple yet so impressive.


Small-batch chocolate cupcakes for 2

The perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day is a cozy dessert made for two. These small-batch chocolate cupcakes for two from Jenn at Peas and Crayons will satisfy your cravings while also keeping you from overindulging on leftover treats.

This must-bake small-batch recipe delivers four devour-us-now cupcakes made with just the right amounts of flour, dark cocoa powder, olive oil and vanilla. You also get two different frostings to choose from. Try the cream cheese frosting for its tongue-tantalizing tang, or whip up the peanut butter frosting for a chocolate and peanut butter affair.


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Sea salt dark hot chocolate on a stick

If your taste buds are craving salty-sweet chocolate kisses from your date, serve these sea salt dark chocolate on a stick treats from Erica at Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

To make this tasty Valentine’s Day sweet, you melt good-quality dark chocolate and stir in dark cocoa powder, powdered sugar and a pinch of salt. Pipe the melted chocolate into candy molds, sprinkle with sea salt, and stick a wooden spoon in each chocolate.

You and your mate can immediately nibble at the chocolate, holding the spoon like lollipops, but the best way to enjoy your sweet is to stir it in a mug of hot milk to make the best hot chocolate you’ve ever sipped.


Triple-layer chocolate marzipan cake

Are you on a Valentine’s Day mission to win your date’s heart? Do it with chocolate and make this triple-layer chocolate marzipan cake from Melissa at Best Friends For Frosting.

An over-the-top dessert, this cake flaunts three thick layers of chocolate almond cake stacked with a gorgeous ganache and mindblowing marzipan, topped with homemade chocolate truffles. You and your mate may just want to skip dinner and dive right into dessert. If you’re looking for the ultimate aphrodisiac, stop your search. One towering slice of this addictive Valentine’s Day dessert will more than excite your senses.


Chocolate angel pie

Dreaming of a heavenly Valentine’s Day date with your mate? Share a piece of this chocolate angel pie!

A divine dessert recipe from Leigh Anne at Your Homebased Mom, this treat features a meringue crust and a chocolate cream filling topped with whipped cream. The meringue crust has an airy, crisp texture that deliciously partners with the creamy chocolate filling and the lovely billows of whipped cream.

If you prefer lighter desserts on date nights, this chocolate angel pie is for you.


Chocolate espresso pots de crème

Your Valentine will drool with anticipation when you set the table with these chocolate espresso pots de crème from Kristy at The Wicked Noodle.

You make this wickedly rich dessert with a custard featuring bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream and espresso. The espresso adds a hint of coffee and accentuates the chocolate flavor. You pour the thick chocolate custard into small ramekins and serve with a spoon.

Garnish these indulgent desserts with dark chocolate shavings or crushed chocolate-covered coffee beans for a special treat.


Paleo dark chocolate raspberry truffles

Yes, you and your Valentine can be chocoholics while living the paleo lifestyle. These paleo dark chocolate raspberry truffles from Tessa at Tessa the Domestic Diva are a sinfully rich confection that are paleo and vegan-friendly. The truffles are an ingenious combination of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, coconut oil, coconut nectar, freeze-dried raspberries and vanilla all rolled into bite-sized chocolate fat bombs. You make your own chocolate and infuse it with raspberry flavor by adding dried raspberry powder, then transform the mixture into truffles. Even if your mate isn’t paleo or vegan, these Valentine’s Day confections will be a hit.


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