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Sally’s Baking Addiction bakes up fave desserts on ‘Sprinkled’

The Sally McKenney dishes baking secrets on her new YouTube show

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Craving homemade desserts that rival your local bakery’s confections? Of course, you are. And Sally McKenney, the famed blogger of Sally’s Baking Addiction, has a new YouTube cooking show called “Sprinkled” that will have you whipping up the best desserts from scratch right in your very own kitchen.

Each scrumptious episode of “Sprinkled” features one of McKenney’s popular blog desserts, along with no-fail tips and tricks that help even the newest of beginners bake like pros. If your sweet tooth is demanding satisfaction, “Sprinkled” will have you running to your kitchen to make one or all of these dessert recipes from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Sprinkled series - Episodes

Episode 1: Homemade strawberry cake with pink berry frosting — a special-occasion showstopper

Sally loves homemade strawberry cake with pink berry frosting, and she shares her gorgeous and addictive dessert recipe in Episode 1. The key to this perfectly pink special occasion cake, she says, is fresh and freeze-dried strawberries. Follow her easy baking tips and make this stunning dessert whenever strawberries are in season.

Episode 2: Chewy fudge homemade brownies — The ultimate comfort food treat

When you make these dense, chewy homemade fudge brownies from Episode 2, you’ll be thrilled you nixed the boxed brownie mix. They’re nothing short of spectacular, made with melted semisweet chocolate, cocoa powder, melted butter, granulated and brown sugar, eggs and a modest amount of flour.

As if these brownies aren’t outrageous good enough, this Sally’s Baking Addiction brownie recipe includes a rich chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

Episode 3: Nothing says summer like this sensational strawberry shortcake

We’re not kidding when we say nothing screams “summer” like Sally’s sensational strawberry shortcake, a popular recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction. In Episode 3 of Sprinkled, Sally reveals her favorite way to make this quintessential summer dessert from scratch. It’ll have you celebrating strawberries and homemade shortcake every chance you get.

Episode 4: This chewy chocolate chunk cookie recipe has a secret ingredient

When you’re ready to make your family and friends smile with dessert delight, whip up these soft, chewy chocolate chunk cookies from Episode 4. One bite, and you’ll see why this recipe is one of most popular cookie recipes on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Episode 5: Festive fall pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies perfect for sharing all season long

In Episode 5, Sally expertly demonstrates yet another way to satisfy your craving for an extraordinary chocolate chip cookie. These pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are an unlikely mashup of everything you love about cookie-centric desserts. Bake a batch, and you’ll be hooked on this decadent cookie dough made of all things autumn: oatmeal, pumpkin, spices and maple syrup.

Episode 6: Try making these easy caramel-covered pretzels with your kids

These salty-sweet caramel-covered pretzels will satisfy your kids’ raging snack cravings and give you the opportunity to share some time with them in the kitchen. Tune into Episode 6 of Sprinkled to see how easy they are to make.

Episode 7: Easy tips for creating the perfect pie crust just like the pros

All great pies start with a great pie crust, of course. If you’re buying store-bought pie crust for your pies, you’re doing it wrong. What’s the secret to a perfectly flaky, flavorful pie crust? You’ll have to watch Episode 7, in which Sally demonstrates how to craft a bakery-caliber pie for an irresistible, artistically decorated dessert.

Episode 8: These sugar cookies will be the best you’ve ever tasted

Why have good sugar cookies for dessert when you can have fantastically amazing sugar cookies by adding one simple secret ingredient?

In Episode 8, Sally shows us how to transform a basic stick of butter into brown butter, which elevates the basic sugar cookie into an extraordinary dessert. Once you taste these brown-butter sugar cookies, you’ll never want to nibble a conventional sugar cookie again.

Sprinkled series - Episodes

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