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Try one (or more!) of these 20 delightfully different deviled egg recipes

Photo credit: Hungry Happenings/Homemade Interest/Jessica Gavin

Deviled eggs  — the familiar yolk-, mayo- and mustard-filled egg whites — are either adored or abhorred. A favorite for potlucks and luncheons, they’ve been around forever. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring, though! We have some truly unique takes on the deviled egg that will delight your Easter guests (and very likely get you making them again and again).

The deviled egg’s ancient history dates all the way back to the first century in Rome, where eggs were boiled and topped with flavorings, herbs and spices. The Spanish were first with the idea to actually scoop out the yolk of a boiled egg, mix it with other spices, and fill the empty white with the mixture.

Still later, in 18th-century England, the term “deviled” came to mean heavily seasoned with hot or pungent flavorings such as pepper and vinegar. In the 20th century, deviled eggs became the darlings of cocktail and dinner parties, picnics, and other social gatherings where finger food figured prominently. Here are a few ideas that shake up your idea of the tasty, protein-filled gem.

1. Spinach artichoke deviled eggs

For the deviled-egg connoisseur, not much can beat the traditional concoction — but this recipe reminds us that trying new iterations of old favorites is a good thing. Spinach and artichokes always make a great combination; put them in a deviled egg, though, and you have a flat-out delicious finger food that tastes like more calories than it is.

Greek yogurt takes the place of mayo in this spinach artichoke deviled egg recipe, boosting the protein content without adding extra fat. Plus, yogurt’s probiotics are good for your digestive tract. If you really miss the heavy cheese of spinach-artichoke dip, try sprinkling some Parmesan on top of the eggs.

Something to remember whenever you’re using boiled eggs in a recipe: If the yolks have a greenish tint, they’re fine; they’ve just been cooked a mite too long. Yolks turn green when their iron mixes with the sulfur in the whites. To avoid this unsightly greyish-green, follow this recipe’s directions for a perfectly boiled egg. Plunging boiled eggs into an ice bath immediately after cooking can help, too.

These are great for Easter morning, of course, but they’re delicious all year round. The green of the spinach makes them ideal for St. Patrick’s Day. Or how about serving them to the family on Dr. Seuss’ birthday each March 2 (with ham, of course)?

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

2. Shrimp cocktail deviled eggs

Shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs, two quintessential 1950s and ’60s dinner-party offerings, are reimagined in this shrimp cocktail deviled eggs recipe. Cocktail sauce — that venerable horseradish and chili sauce combination — can flavor up even the most mundane of dishes. Here, the cocktail sauce is added to the cooked egg yolk, along with some shrimp.

The shrimp is boiled for this recipe, but you could broil or grill it with seasonings like salt, pepper and Old Bay to kick up the spice factor. Cajun seasoning works well, too. The result is topped with a sprinkling of paprika.

For an Easter brunch, try pairing these little flavor bombs with Bloody Marys. The spicy tomato-vodka beverage will balance the creaminess of the egg yolks nicely (and complement the shrimp, as well).

This simple appetizer is ideal for gluten-free and ketogenic diets. Eggs, of course, are a great source of protein, along with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help regulate cholesterol and insulin levels. Shrimp adds to the protein, without bumping up the calories or fat much.

Photo credit: Homemade Interest

3. Deviled-egg Easter bunny feet

Add a little hop to your deviled eggs this year with bunny feet! Even the pickiest of eaters will be delighted by these cute appetizers.

This recipe calls for Miracle Whip, a sweetened, creamy condiment that can sub in for mayonnaise in most dishes. It’s been around since 1933, when Kraft developed it as a cheap alternative to mayo. In fact, Miracle Whip has the same base ingredients as mayo — eggs, oil, vinegar and seasonings — but its higher water content gives it a significantly lower calorie count. (According to the FDA, it can’t be called “mayonnaise,” because the term is reserved for products that contain at least 65 percent vegetable oil.) Both real mayonnaise and Miracle Whip will work for this recipe, though. It’s just a matter of preference.

The bunny feet are simply made from a little bit of colored and piped egg filling, and they’ll make these eggs hop off the platter in no time at your Easter feast.

Photo credit: Hungry Happenings

What more? Here are 17 additional deviled egg recipes to try:

4. Deviled egg Easter chicks

5. Smoked salmon dip deviled eggs

6. Siracha deviled eggs

7. Southern soul food deviled eggs

8. Guacamole deviled eggs

9. Parmesan pesto deviled eggs

10. Elegant deviled eggs

11. Bacon jalapeño deviled eggs

12. Mexican street corn deviled eggs

13. Spicy Bloody Mary deviled eggs

14. Creole crab-stuffed deviled eggs

15. Dill pickle deviled eggs

16. Crab rangoon deviled eggs

17. Smoked trout and olive deviled eggs

18. Caramelized onion and herb deviled eggs

19. Buffalo blue cheese deviled eggs

20. Deep-fried deviled eggs

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