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Pomegranate thyme bubbly rosé

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Rosé is the light, fruity, pink sister of deep red and crisp white wines — the product of an endless array of grapes all around the world. Combine it with complementary flavors in this pomegranate thyme bubbly rosé cocktail for a delicious drink!

Its pretty pink color comes from the skins of red grapes soaked in white wine for a few hours, or from small amounts red wine added to white. Available in both sparkling and still varieties, rosés range from ultra-dry to sweet.

Rosé was the preferred drink of ancient peoples. The Greeks, Romans and people of the Middle Ages all considered the taste of deep red wine too harsh and unpleasant. Instead, they produced wines that likely looked quite similar to a modern rosé. They didn’t allow their wines to age for extended times, and they pressed the grapes using hands, feet and sackcloth. The result was wine with a light color.

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Deeper red wines came into vogue after the Middle Ages. Rosés, however, rebounded in popularity after World War II, when Portuguese winemakers began promoting their rosé in America and Europe. It soon became a popular choice in summer punches and cocktails as well as for a refreshing standalone drink.

Our Pomegranate thyme bubbly rosé relies on a secret, delicious ingredient to impart its lovely color and fruity flavor: a sweet simple syrup made from an infusion of pomegranate seeds and fresh thyme.

The tart taste of pomegranate combines with the slightly minty, dry touch of thyme to create an effervescent cocktail that’s simple in its ingredients but complex in flavor. Pour some in a flute and watch those pretty pink bubbles dance! They’re as enjoyable to watch as they are to drink.

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Add pomegranate to simple syrup

Add pomegranate to simple syrup

Place thyme into syrup mixture

Add sprig of thyme to pot

Simmer pomegranate syrup

Strain pomegranate syrup

Pour rosé into a glass with pomegranate syrup

Pour rosé into glass

Garnish drink with a sprig of thyme

Garnish with a sprig of thyme

Pomegranate thyme bubbly rosé

Yield 1


  • 1/2 cup pomegranate juice
  • 3 tablespoons simple syrup
  • Sparkling rosé wine


  1. Combine juice, sugar, water and simple syrup.
  2. Pour into flute and top with rosé.

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Completed pomegranate thyme bubbly rosé

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