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8 subscription boxes that make the best gifts

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Let’s be honest, there are people in your life who are hard to shop for. That’s totally fair. No one wants to fake-smile and lie through their teeth about how much they love the metallic shade of lipstick or the horrible-smelling cologne they were given. While it may really suck the fun out of the shopping experience, at the end of the day, you want your friends and fam to have the best gift possible, right? Plus, a reputation as a pro gift-giver isn’t exactly a bad thing. The perfect option for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life? Subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes as gifts are basically the no-fuss, easy-peasy way to give a thoughtful present without any of the worry of putting together a perfectly curated set of goods. You know what your friends and family love, and whether it’s books, beauty products, their pet or video games, there’s likely a subscription box out there for them. They get a box (or several) full of products related to their interests that is ultra-thoughtful but takes the pressure off you.

Here are some subscription boxes you should check out for your next birthday, holiday or just because gift.

For beauty lovers



Birchbox is one of the original subscription boxes, and there’s a reason why it’s lasted so long. The beauty and grooming subscription box is more of a self-care package meant to encourage taking time out for yourself. Plus, the boxes include some major brands like company Aveda, Clinique and Dr. Jart+, along with tons of other recognizable names. Each month, Birchbox will send out a box of curated beauty, hair and skin care products for the subscriber to test out new brands. Don’t just think this box is for women. There’s also a special box for men as well called Birchbox Grooming. Basically, Birchbox is for everyone. If this sounds like a perfect present for a friend or family member, simply head to the Birchbox website and choose between a three-month, six-month or year-long subscription based on your budget.


If you haven’t heard of Scentbird, it allows users to choose from hundreds of name brand perfumes and colognes (yes, this box is for both genders) with one 30-day supply sent their way monthly. It’s the perfect way to test out new scents without spending tons of money at a perfume counter, plus your friend or family member gets to choose their own scent instead of you choosing it for them. Kind of ideal, right? Choose from three-month, six-month or one-year subscriptions and know that when your friend of family member smells great, it may be because you’re a genius.

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For pet lovers


If your friends love their pets, you already know the way to their heart is through their doggo. Friends who don’t already have a subscription to BarkBox will love this monthly treat for their pup (and for them). Inside a BarkBox, dog lovers will find a mix of treats, toys and accessories for their furry friends. Sure, these items will be for a dog, but seeing your puppy losing its mind over a new toy is a sort of joy unlike anything else for a pet owner. If you’ve got a crazy dog lover in your life, you can snag them a box to be delivered to their door if you know all of their (and their pup’s) information, or you can get them a gift card for a one-month, three-month, six-month or year-long subscription.


Not everyone is a dog person. Some people have cats. Sure, doggos get most of the attention, but there is a box for those with cats as well. The CatLadyBox is designed for women (sorry, guys), but it’s distinct from BarkBox in that you can choose a Crazy CatLadyBox that includes two treats for a kitty friend and two treats for the cat’s human (because let’s be real, cats own humans, not the other way around). However, if you want to just get a box for your friend’s feline companion, there’s also the regular CatLadyBox. Regardless, your cat lover friends will be so happy to get these monthly treats for their pet.

For stylish friends

Stitch Fix


You’ve likely heard of Stitch Fix, but did you know you could give this service as a gift? Just in case you aren’t familiar with this monthly box of clothing, Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping experience for men and women (and yes, it does include plus sizing). With a gift card, you choose a dollar amount to send to a friend or family member. Once it’s in their hands, they can sign up for membership and take a personal styling quiz that’ll bring a box of personally selected clothing to their door, all based on their own tastes.


For some people, style is all about the accessories. That’s where a Rocksbox subscription comes in handy. Like Stitch Fix, Rocksbox allows users to take a quiz about their personal style. The service will then take those answers and send out a collection of monthly jewelry. Unlike Stitch Fix, though, with Rocksbox, users can wear the jewelry for as long as they’d like, then return it (or keep it and pay for the pieces they like most). Once returned, a new specially curated collection will be sent out. If your friends or family are into bling, this gift will be right up their shiny alley.

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For your nerdy friends

The Bookish Box

First things first, “nerdy” is a term of endearment around here. If you’ve got a loved one who can’t devour books quickly enough, they need a Bookish Box subscription. Not only does this box come with book-themed goodies like mugs and accessories, but you can choose between an adult or YA themed box, depending on your friend’s reading preferences.

Loot Crate

Loot Crate may be the best of all geeky gift boxes. Why? Because there are options. You can choose between categories like anime, gaming, Harry Potter and more, with Loot Crate making it personal even if you aren’t choosing the contents. Grab your friend a one-month or three-month subscription for all their geeky needs.

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