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8 absolutely amazing apple pies

For at least a century, apple pie has been considered our country’s favorite pie — and still today, it’s a perfect addition to your holiday meal (or, let’s be honest — a delicious addition to any meal).

But which apple pie to choose? As you will see here, there are so many different kinds you can make — each a slightly different take on the traditional recipe, using a variety of apples, toppings and other goodies under the top crust.

To help you choose the most scrumptious dessert to make for your near and dear, we gathered eight of our favorite apple pie recipes. If you have a tough time deciding, just remember that apple pies can be a lot like actual apples — you don’t have to pick just one!

1. Mile-High apple pie

Do you love apple pie, but always wish there was more filling? This Mile-High apple pie recipe gives you more of what you love best — those sweet, soft, cinnamony apples that make your taste buds do a little happy dance.

2. Salted caramel apple pie

If salted caramel drinks and desserts are some of your new favorites here’s a treat for you! This Salted caramel apple pie recipe for Sally’s Baking Addiction pairs the tradition of apple pie with the perfection of salt and caramel, making what is quite possibly the best dessert ever! If you want to leave your family and guests reminiscing about the amazing dessert you served this year, try this unique and scrumptious twist on apple pie.

3. Homemade apple pie

This simple Homemade apple pie from Amanda’s Cookin’ takes you back to the basics of what apple pie should be. It has incredible flavor from its’ flaky, buttery crust. This makes it the perfect way to finish off your holiday meal in style.

Homemade apple pie

4. Butterscotch apple cream pie

Add a little more sweetness to your apple pie with this Butterscotch apple cream pie originally featured here at One bite and you will fall in love with this dessert that is so decadent it melts in your mouth. It will be a new favorite staple of all your holiday meals.

Butterscotch apple cream pie for Thanksgiving

5. Individual lattice top apple pies

Straight from our own kitchen, these Individual lattice top apple pies are so adorable and delicious.  They have to be a part of your holiday feast!  These pies will be a huge hit with guests and save you the trouble of cutting slices because each person can just grab their own.

Individual lattice top pies

6. Deep dish apple pie

The Deep dish apple pie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction is too good to make only around the holidays. Not only is it luscious, but is so easy to make that you can whip one up anytime.  Even for a last-minute gathering! But why not use a typical shallow pie pan? According to Sally, “Deep dish style should be the only apple pie style.” After seeing this recipe, we might just have to agree.

7. Grandma Barb’s Southern apple pie

Grandma Barb’s homemade apple pie recipe from Divas Can Cook is so easy for beginners to make  The pie itself is filled with sweet apples, cinnamon, and sugar — making it a real crowd pleaser during the holidays. Pair the filling with Grandma Barb’s homemade buttery crust for an apple pie that all your guests will adore.

8. Healthy apple pie

Apple pies don’t always have to be made with butter and sugar — sometimes natural sweetness is all you need! If you want to make an apple pie where the apple is the star, try this Healthy apple pie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. (This is also a fantastic choice for vegans who love apple pie and want to share dessert during the holidays.)

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