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Funny Valentine’s Day TV and movie scenes that you have to watch again

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Sure, Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, too! Hollywood has made us laugh for decades with their humorous takes on Cupid’s holiday — so we gathered a few of our favorite funny TV and movie Valentine’s Day scenes that should have you laughing right along with us.

“The Lying Stinking Pig”

Jennifer Garner was hilarious in this scene from the movie Valentine’s Day when she politely described how the chef created a dish called “The Lying Stinking Pig” for her cheating boyfriend and his dinner date.

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I hate Valentine’s Day

Another scene from Valentine’s Day that makes us laugh is the one with Jessica Biel professing her dislike of Valentine’s Day. In the end, she winds up sitting in Jamie Foxx’s lap — and we don’t feel sorry for her one bit!

Red bagels anyone?

We may never stop being obsessed with Friends! And doesn’t this clip sum up Joey’s love life perfectly?


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We have a theory…

Bet you never knew what the heart was really shaped after did you? Our favorite characters from Big Bang Theory are going to tell you in this hilarious clip.


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