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47 heart-shaped recipes for Valentine’s Day

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Gluten-free strawberry Linzer cookies

Move over, Christmas! Thanks to Fearless Dining, Valentine’s Day may stake a new claim on Linzer cookies. In this gluten-free version, the classic cookie is given a romantic update courtesy of pink-tinged dough, a dusting of powdered sugar and, naturally, a sweetheart shape.

Heart-shaped whole wheat banana pancakes

Fall in love with breakfast all over again when you serve it to someone special in bed. Flourishing Foodie’s heart-shaped whole wheat banana pancakes are a no-brainer since you probably already have the ingredients on hand. And, you know, they’re cute, too.

Heart-shaped cherry pie

Talk about a true showstopper! If you want to pull out all the stops this Valentine’s Day, The Preppy Hostess’ picture-perfect cherry pie is obviously your destiny. It requires a bit more time than your standard confectionary fare, but the look on your loved one’s face when they see it will make the wait worth it.

Swedish Fish heart cookies

OK, so technically these cookies aren’t shaped like hearts. However, the cutesy way Mom Loves Baking appropriates Swedish Fish candies to create a heart-shaped center makes this recipe a shoo-in for inclusion in your V-Day plans.

Heart-shaped chocolate-dipped soft pretzels

True love can be both sweet and salty, just like Baker by Nature’s chocolate-dipped soft pretzels. Romantic metaphors aside, though, this tasty snack is also incredibly easy to customize according to the individual tastes of your loved ones.

Heart-shaped gluten-free pot pies

Still looking for a star main dish to round out your Valentine’s Day menu? Prepare to be smitten with Fork and Beans, because this recipe for rustic gluten-free pot pies is precisely what you need. Healthy comfort food in the tidy portion of a cupcake mold? Be still, our beating hearts.

Heart-healthy roasted beet salad

It seems only fitting that on a heart-shaped holiday like Valentine’s Day that you actually do something to take care of your ticker. Apron Strings has a tasty solution — Whole30-approved roasted beet salad, which is rich in heart-healthy antioxidants.

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