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47 heart-shaped recipes for Valentine’s Day

Pieces of homemade waffle cake with banana and blueberries on the plates on gray background. Top view, close up
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Chocolate-covered strawberry tarts

While The Bitter Side of Sweet’s chocolate-covered strawberry heart tarts would work equally well for adults and kids, there’s something to be said for setting aside such a precious treat for your little loved ones. One bite of thick puff pastry topped with cocoa whipped cream and they’ll feel like they won the love lottery getting you for a parent.

Puff au chocolat avec fraises, basilic, fleur de sel

Taste With The Eyes’ puff au chocolat avec fraises, basilic, fleur de sel is a mouthful in more ways than one. Aside from the name nodding to the dessert’s French heritage, this puff au chocolate will woo anyone who tastes it thanks to unexpected ingredients like basil and salt.

Dark chocolate heart cake with red wine glaze

Red wine and chocolate? Sign us up! I Bake He Shoots clearly understands that this classic combo of ingredients is all you really need to send hearts aflutter on Valentine’s Day.

Sweetheart pizzas

You didn’t think we’d compile a list of heart-shaped foods without including pizza, did you? While there are undoubtedly a million different ways to do this, we’re partial to Dinner: A Love Story’s method of spelling out sweet messages via the cheesy pie’s toppings.

Heart-shaped chocolate sandwich cookies

You know what’s great about Table for Two’s heart-shaped chocolate sandwich cookies? Aside from the obvious fact that they are so gosh-darn delicious, these treats are pretty and portable enough that any extras make thoughtful gifts to take to school, work or wherever.

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