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47 heart-shaped recipes for Valentine’s Day

Pieces of homemade waffle cake with banana and blueberries on the plates on gray background. Top view, close up
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Sweetheart shrimp

Have you ever heard the expression work smarter, not harder? Well, rarely has a dish embodied that sentiment better than Apron Strings’ sweetheart shrimp. Due to the crustacean’s natural curve, two placed together atop a bed of couscous form a quick-and-easy heart-shaped first course. And if the shape doesn’t wow your loved one, the shrimp’s spice rub surely will!

Chocolate heart lava cakes

When you think about truly indulgent dessert, chocolate lava cakes — with their gooey molten centers — probably spring to mind. But thanks to Rock My Vegan Socks, you can create the sweet treat without the guilt on Valentine’s Day, since this recipe is gluten-free and lower in carbs than the OG version.

Raspberry-covered devil’s food cake

When you really want to knock the socks off someone special, consider breaking out Sprinkle Bakes’ beautiful heart-shaped devil’s food cake. An edible chocolate love note and roughly three pints of raspberries dotting the surface give the dessert its major wow factor.

Chocolate heart cake with raspberry buttercream

We all have days when the idea of churning out a complex culinary masterpiece sounds far too tedious to even attempt. And if that sums up your feelings this Valentine’s Day — but you still want to give your loved ones something sweet to look forward to — bookmark The Vanilla Bean Blog’s easy-peasy chocolate heart cake with raspberry buttercream.

Valentine coconut pudding pastries

Superman Cooks’ coconut pudding pastries only look like they’d take hours to prepare. In reality, though, this dessert won’t take up more than 25 minutes of your night. Vanilla pudding, fresh raspberries, fresh coconut and chocolate inside a simple puff pastry set the unique recipe apart.

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