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47 heart-shaped recipes for Valentine’s Day

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Mini strawberry heart hand pies

We can’t be the only ones who fall head over heels for hand pies, can we? Table for Two’s mini strawberry version is no exception! We can’t imagine a more charming treat to eat. Plus, they appeal to tiny tummies, more refined palates and pretty much everything in between.

Chocolate sweet hearts

If you love the idea of Table for Two’s aforementioned hand pies but consider yourself a chocolate aficionado, Cooking with Manuela has you covered. These decadent heart pies are stuffed full of melty Nutella.

Conversation heart Rice Krispies Treats

Got a special message you need to deliver this Valentine’s Day? Say it with something slightly more substantial than traditional (tiny) conversation hearts. The Love NerdsRice Krispies Treats version offers ample room to write your love note.

Mini heart-shaped monkey bread

Pardon our pun, but your loved one will go ape — in excitement, not anger — for this monkey bread recipe. Home Cooking Memories makes it memorable by shaking biscuit bits in a cinnamon-sugar mixture and then dropping them in a heart-shaped springform pan to bake.  

Chicken Parmesan hearts

If the key to your honey’s heart is dinner, you can unlock their affection by whipping up Hungry Happeningschicken Parmesan hearts. And, yes, we highly recommend getting fancy when plating the dish with strategically artful dollops and douses of marinara.

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