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12 Valentine’s Day cocktails designed for love

Valentine’s Day celebrations are made all the more special with a romantic cocktail — although the possibilities aren’t limited to just wine and champagne. We found 14 of the most romantic Valentine’s Day cocktails guaranteed to capture that loving feeling.

Chocolate sangria

Chocolate is to Valentine’s Day what water is to life — that is to say, absolutely necessary. This chocolate sangria, courtesy of Lemon Tree Dwelling, is sweet and chocolaty, which is exactly how Valentine’s Day should be. Made with chocolate wine, hazelnut liquor, vodka and strawberries, prepare for delicious Valentine’s Day flavors!

Photo credit: Lemon Tree Dwelling

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Pomegranate martini

Pomegranates are thought to be the original “apple” in the Garden of Eden and in Greek mythology signify health, fertility, marriage and abundance. With this in mind, make a pomegranate martini, from Divas Can Cook, — a special drink for a special day. It’s also an easy cocktail to prepare, leaving time for other pursuits.

Photo credit: Divas can Cook

Red velvet cake martini

For the love in your life, this red velvet cake martini, courtesy of Wicked Good Kitchen, makes a splash. All the flavors of red velvet cake are found in this beverage: Grand Marnier for the “red,” white chocolate liquor for the “velvet” and Faretti Biscotti Famosi Liqueur di Italia (or Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur, found at specialty liquor stores) for the “cake.” It’s dessert in drink form — not as filling yet just as delicious!

Salted caramel espresso martini

Bailey’s liquor is the star in the next Valentine’s Day cocktail. This salted caramel espresso martini, from Creative Culinary, is a tasty homage to the salted caramel craze of the past 10 years. Espresso liquor is perfectly balanced with Bailey’s salted caramel liquor for a delectable treat. Don’t skip the chocolate and crushed pretzel rims — it brings a satisfying crunch.

Peanut butter cup martini

Chocolate and peanut butter are partners in crime in the game of love. This peanut butter cup martini, from, combines the wonder duo of peanut butter and chocolate with chocolate liquor. This cocktail is a boozy treat perfect for a V-Day indulgence.

Love martini

Love is in the air, dinner and gifts are done — now you just need the perfect beverage! Try this love martini, from Picture The Recipe, made with Malibu rum, peach schnapps, citron vodka and cranberry juice. Garnish with a sugared rim and sliced strawberries. This cocktail is lovely to look at and fantastic to taste.

Bloody Valentine

Your Valentine’s Day is about to get extra special with this bloody valentine courtesy of Honestly Yum. As the name suggests, the gorgeous blood orange is featured in this cocktail. It’s deep, rich and red color is ideal for this day of all things crimson. Poured with vermouth and amaro, the cocktail shows your amore the depths of your feelings.

Gazebo’s Giggly Rose

Named for one of the most well-known wine bars in Sydney, Australia, the next Valentine’s Day cocktail is Gazebo’s giggly rose from Booze Braggart. Gin, lemon juice, sparkling white wine with muddled mint and garnished with rose petals, this extra-special cocktail is a romantic delight for all the senses.

Raspberry rose cocktail

The flavors of gin and raspberries go to work this Valentine’s Day to bring your dinner drink a foamy, visually pleasing and luscious cocktail. For the foam, this raspberry rose cocktail, from Camille Styles, adds a shaken egg white to the top once the drink is mixed. Garnish it with raspberries and a pesticide-free rose petal to make your Valentine feel oh-so-loved.

Chocolate-covered strawberry martini

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day staple. Re-created here, the chocolate-covered strawberry martini, from 3 Yummy Tummies, is the alcoholic version of this customary treat. Like dessert in a glass, strawberry and chocolate vodka is mixed with strawberry puree. Alongside some other ingredients, this dessert-turned-drink warms the heart of the one you love.

Blushing Valentine

So you want a Valentine’s Day cocktail, but you don’t want to ruin all your hard-earned progress toward a healthier lifestyle. The next three beverages are for you. First up, the blushing Valentine, from Tone It Up, with champagne, natural pomegranate juice and effervescent is low-sugar imbibing at its finest. Next up is the sweet and sexy strawberry sipper with your favorite rum, Perfect Fit coconut water mix, strawberries, juice from a blood orange and some agave syrup. For the chocolate lover, Cupid’s chocolate cocktail is made with dark chocolate almond milk, natural cherry juice, vodka, a touch of agave syrup and chocolate shavings to garnish. Pick one for a tasty treat this Valentine’s Day!

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Blood orange bourbon smash with spicy vanilla sugar

Even the name “blood orange” denotes fiery passion — and it’s fitting for the most passionate of holidays: Valentine’s Day! This blood orange bourbon smash with spicy vanilla sugar, from How Sweet Eats, is fierce, passionate and oh-so-appetizing. Making your own spicy vanilla sugar is super simple. Just mix sugar with cayenne pepper and a scraped vanilla bean, then coat the rim of the serving glass. Caliente!

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