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12 DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for family night

Photo credit: Darice/Mason Jar Crafts Love/Hello Wonderful/Stories by Me!/Mom Luck/Hello, Wonderful/Once Upon a Maritime/Carolyn's Homework/Judy Blank/Easy Peasy and Fun/Wine and Glue

Known as the holiday for lovers, Valentine’s Day has cornered the market for cards, fancy dinners, flowers and chocolate. However, V-Day doesn’t have to be only for the romantic — kids like to get involved in this fun day, too. The following Valentine’s Day crafts are love-themed and family-friendly. Load up the bow and let fly these little arrows.

Foam heart fox Valentine

Hearts will be aflutter for this woodland creatures craft. Using foam hearts, felt hearts, and various felt and foam cutouts, the foam heart fox makes a terrific party craft or even Valentine for classmates.

Foam heart fox Valentine's
Photo credit: Darice

Heart pillow

This simple no-sew heart pillow is a great craft for kids. No need for glue or heat — just draw a heart on two felt fabric sheets, trim the edges, tie together and stuff with cotton batting. This would be a great craft for Valentine’s Day themed parties at schools or homes.

Heart pillow
Photo credit: Krokotak

DIY rainbow paper heart pom pom wreath

Paper chains don’t have to be only for Christmas time. With this DIY rainbow paper heart pom pom wreath, the paper chain is re-created into a charming Valentine decoration. Cardstock, a stapler and ribbon are all you need to make a heart wreath.

DIY rainbow paper heart pom pom wreath
Photo credit: Hello, Wonderful

Valentine’s Day love mason jars

There’s a lot to love about these Valentine’s Day love mason jars. This craft uses a heart stencil made from a foam heart, paint, Mod Podge, acrylic paint and glitter. Easy, everyday items make a delightful display.

Valentine's Day love mason jars
Photo credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Love letter blocks

Here’s a creative craft utilizing wood blocks, scrapbooking paper, Mod Podge and pictures. These love letter blocks are an endearing way to celebrate the love of your life and repurpose some of those Instagram pictures.

Love letter blocks
Photo credit: Stories by Me!

Love birds Valentine’s Day bird feeders

Feed the birds of your garden with these adorable love birds Valentine’s Day bird feeders. A messier craft, this would be fun for children 8 years of age or older. How sweet to give one as a gift or favor!

Love birds Valentine's Day bird feeders
Photo credit: Wine and Glue

Valentine’s Day heart fingerprint tree

This delightful craft is a lovely take on finger painting and stencils. The supply list for this heart fingerprint tree is simple: paper, ink pads and a marker. It’s the perfect craft for kids and a terrific memento of those precious years.

Valentine's Day heart fingerprint tree
Photo credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Shaving cream heart art

Shaving cream is one of the best media for kids. They typically respond so positively to getting their hands messy and squishing the foam between their fingers. We have the perfect craft for kids who love a little mess. The shaving cream heart art requires a little bit of drying time, but the result is worth the time and mess.

Shaving cream heart art
Photo credit: Hello, Wonderful

Love bugs

These love bugs are a sweet craft to do with your own little love bugs! Simply replace the hot glue with white school glue, and this craft becomes preschool-appropriate.

Photo credit: Mom Luck

Twig arrows

An homage to Cupid’s bow and arrow, these twig arrows are another child-friendly craft. With twigs (easily found on nature walks or in backyards), felt and decorative twine, your little angels get to make their own arrows this Valentine’s Day. No twigs? Use straws instead!

Twig arrows
Photo credit: Carolyn’s Homework

Valentine’s Day ornament wreath

Is the front door looking bare now that the Christmas wreath has been put away? This Valentine’s Day ornament wreath is a beautiful addition to any door. Although the site linked shows options of wreaths, this wreath is reproducible at home. Take a foam heart form and glue ornaments and pom poms on it.

Valentine's Day ornament wreath
Photo credit: Judy Blank

DIY pink champagne bath salts

After a day of family crafting, unwind with a luxurious bath. This DIY pink champagne bath salts craft is easily assembled, and leaves skin smooth and senses delighted. Epsom salts, baking soda and champagne oil or fragrance will take away the stresses of the season.

DIY Pink champagne bath salts
Photo credit: One Upon a Maritime

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