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Thanksgiving turkeys made into cute cupcakes

Turkey-decorated cupcakes

Not only are these turkey cupcakes as adorable as they are festive, we’re also happy to report that not a single one of them contains actual turkey.

Bake a dozen or two for your Thanksgiving festivities, or just use the pictures below as sweet inspiration!

Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Cupcakes

These Thanksgiving cupcakes make a fun pilgrim craft for kids. Best of all, you can make them at the drop of a hat! Get the instructions here.

kid-friendly, turkey-decorated cupcakes for thanksgiving |

Turkey Lurkey cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes with hand-made marzipan and sugarpaste toppers were selected from hundreds of entries as one of the winners of the Cutest Cupcakes of 2010 Contest by Martha Stewart. Visit the baker’s site at

Turkey Lurkey cupcakes

Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes

This is a really simple, easy and fun treat to make with your kids for Thanksgiving. These cute turkey cookie cupcakes will have people gobbling them up! (Gobble gobble. Heh heh.) Get the step-by-step how-to here.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes For Kids

Tiny realistic turkey cupcakes

Seriously… tiny turkeys on top of a cupcake? After making these turkey cupcakes, the baker has several tips, including to do lots of the prep work ahead of time.

That’s because super very cute takes a lot of work. If you don’t break this up into more than one session or you don’t have help assembling them, you might not ever want to make them again.

Find out how to make them here.

Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes

Cookie- and candy-based turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving

These cute turkey cupcakes feature Nutter Butter and Oreo cookies as well as candy corn.

Get the how-to from Kyla’s Cupcakes!

Nutter butter Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes

Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving cupcakes

These cute turkey cupcakes are created from Kit Kat Balls decorated with fondant eyes and beaks (but we imagine malt balls would also work). See more from the creator at

Gobble Gobble turkey cupcakes

Thanksgiving Mini Cupcakes

These tiny little turkey cupcakes were decorated with frosting by Brenna Horton (Creative Commons).

Thanksgiving Mini Cupcakes

A flock of turkeys

These sweet cupcakes with little cookies and candy corn were made by kinwart.

Flock of Turkey cupcakes

A few more turkey cupcake ideas:

Cute turkey-decorated cupcakes |

Turkey cupcakes 2


Turkey cupcakes 1

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