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Thanksgiving dinner menu: West Coast style

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu - West Coast Style

Serve up a light and fresh Thanksgiving dinner menu inspired by the flavors of the West Coast. Whether you’re dining on the beach or simply drawing inspiration from this region, focus your dishes around fresh, quality ingredients and creative flavor combinations. From grilled turkey breast topped with cranberry lime relish packed with flavor, to roasted carrot and parsnip soup topped with a zesty lemon ginger cream, this year will be a holiday feast they’ll all remember.

Try this refreshing Thanksgiving dinner menu:

A West Coast-Inspired Thanksgiving Feast

Grilled turkey breast
Fall salad with nuts and pomegranates
Cranberry lime relish
Apple cranberry stuffing
Roasted carrot and parsnip soup with lemon ginger cream
Roasted asparagus with lemon
Pumpkin roll cake

Table Setting Tip

Create a casual sitting atmosphere for this family-style meal by decorating your table in a theme inspired by nature. From sea shells to acorns and leaves, use your own backyard as a guide to the season’s decorative offerings.

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