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Thanksgiving by the numbers


Thanksgiving by the numbers gives all the important dates and numbers that you need to know that will allow you to impress guests over dinner. How long was the first Thanksgiving? How many miles do people drive for Thanksgiving dinner? How much is normally spent on Thanksgiving dinner? How about on Black Friday?

Thanksgiving in Numbers Infographic

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  • Nearly 46 million turkeys are eaten during Thanksgiving each year. (source:
  • The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted 3 days.
  • Americans spent $14.2 billion on Thanksgiving and Black Friday in 2013.
  • Approximately4 million Americans travel 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. (source: AAA)
  • The average American household spends $54.18 on Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The U.S. produces an average of 735 million pounds of cranberries annually, 435 million of which come from Wisconsin. (source: United States Department of Agriculture)
  • The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest single day of travel with 37 percent of travelers departing for their trips.
  • The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held in
  • Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated a harvest feast “Thanksgiving” in
  • The average pumpkins weighs between 6 and 18 pounds.
  • The U.S. produces around 5 billion poundsof pumpkins each year.
  • The average weight of turkeys purchased for Thanksgiving meals is 16 pounds.

Thanksgiving Timeline Infographic

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