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Thanksgiving with Beth of Budget Bytes

Beth Budget Bytes

Food Blogs Star Beth Moncel of the clever and creative Budget Bytes blog shares her plans for — and thoughts about — the Thanksgiving holiday! (Get Thanksgiving recipes and more from all of the Food Blogs Stars here.)

My own brand of Thanksgiving

For me, the Thanksgiving meal is all about the sides! I could take or leave the turkey — just give me a plate full of sides.

From homemade cranberry sauce and creamy mashed potatoes, to savory stuffing and classic green bean casseroles, I love highlighting cool weather produce. These vegetable-laden sides bring color, texture, and a great deal of nutrients to a sometimes heavy Thanksgiving table. I like to keep my dishes simple to let the true flavors of the produce shine through!

I like to apply that idea of simplicity to the whole holiday. It’s important to carry the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the year, and live every day with gratitude. Rather than going all-out with a huge meal on the big day, I personally prefer to keep it simple, and use my extra resources to give to those who may be without food or family to celebrate with during the holidays.

Beth’s Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving with Beth of Budget Bytes

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