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How to set a casual Thanksgiving dinner table

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If you’re entertaining all ages this Thanksgiving Day, opt for a table that invites a more casual, family-friendly atmosphere. After all, the less there is on the table, the fewer the opportunities for little hands to make a mess!

Mind your manners with this simple guide to setting the perfect casual dinner table.

Steps to setting a casual dinner table

  1. Start with the charger front and center, followed by the dinner plate directly on top.
  2. To the left of the charger, place the dinner fork.
  3. To the left of the dinner fork, place the neatly folded napkin.
  4. Directly to the right of the charger, place the knife, followed by the soup spoon just to the right of the knife.
  5. Above the charger, place the dessert fork facing right, and the dessert spoon above the dessert fork, facing left.
  6. Parallel to the dessert fork and spoon, place the water glass on the left side, so it’s resting just above the knife and soup spoon.
  7. Place the wine glass just below the water glass, slightly to the left.

Table décor tips

If you’re using solid colored plates and glassware, add a pop of color and interest with your table runner and centerpiece. Go festive with a traditional cornucopia flowing over with fresh gourds and fruit flanked by simple candles on either end, or opt for something more modern with a creative floral display.

To keep kids entertained, use these cute Kraft paper Thanksgiving placemats available on Etsy, or make your own!

Looking for a more formal Thanksgiving dinner setting?

Check out our guide to setting a proper formal Thanksgiving dinner table.

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