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Real people share their Thanksgiving home decor & holiday table settings

If you’ve ever thought that everyone else must have super-fancy, Martha Stewart-worthy decorated tables for Thanksgiving, you’d be more wrong than right.

Most celebrations with family and friends keep things much simpler — and much more practical — while still honoring the guests and the holiday.

Take a peek here into some warm and welcoming Thanksgiving table settings, shared by people from around the country.

Clear glassware and warm shades of orange and red

Courtesy of Abigail Batchelder (Creative Commons)


A cornucopia centerpiece and harvest colors

Colorful Thanksgiving table decor

Courtesy of Arthur LeBon (Creative Commons)


Warm purple table runner with scattered leaf decor

Thanksgiving dining table

Courtesy of ilovebutter (Creative Commons)


Light Thanksgiving table for a large crowd

Thanksgiving table at grandparents' house

Courtesy of Russ (Creative Commons)


Simple flowers with gold, white & black dinnerware

Thanksgiving tablesetting with gold accents

Courtesy of Adam Baker (Creative Commons)


A nice harvest theme with browns and greens

Table settings with rolled green napkins

Courtesy of Dan Saffer (Creative Commons)


A clean and simple holiday theme featuring leaves and pumpkins

Thanksgiving autumn table decor

Courtesy of ryan harvey (Creative Commons)


A minimalist Thanksgiving table with brown accents

Casual Thanksgiving table settings

Courtesy of Dave Nakayama (Creative Commons)


Copper, gold and jewel tones warm up this Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving plates and napkins table setup

Courtesy of Aaron Rothman (Creative Commons)


Beautiful fresh flowers greet every guest

Pretty Thanksgiving table with flowers

Courtesy of Michael Whitney (Creative Commons)


A warm Thanksgiving with lots of autumn colors

Thanksgiving 2011 Elk Rapids MI by MacKenzie Cowell

Courtesy of Mackenzie Cowell (Creative Commons)


Two tables await a big Thanksgiving crowd

Big family Thanksgiving celebration with two tables

Courtesy of Philms (Creative Commons)


A traditional Thanksgiving setup… with a suit of armor

Thanksgiving table with a knight in armor

Courtesy of David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott (Creative Commons)


Thanksgiving table with vintage-style glassware and gold cutlery

Amber Thanksgiving table decor

Courtesy of Lori (Creative Commons)

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