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Gluten-free treats and sweets that actually taste good

Gluten-free treats and sweets holiday truffles

‘Tis the season of enduring pitying glances when the plates of baked goods are brought out and you are gluten-free. These gluten-free treats and sweets actually taste good and are the perfect addition to your holiday meal.

Though there are many different diets (paleo, keto or stranded on a desert island like in Lost), nothing seems to elicit sympathy as much as a gluten-free regimen when a donut is nearby. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through the season of comfort and joy with cardboard-tasting lookalikes. There are delicious ways to include everyone on a holiday sugar high.

If you are looking for some seasonal sweet recipes that won’t trigger your sensitivity, we got you.

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Pumpkin crème brûlée

Three words: pumpkin crème brûlée. Three more words: What the what? You didn’t think crème brûlée could be improved upon, but you were wrong.

Combining the best holiday flavor with the classiest fancy dessert sounds like sorcery, but is here to tell you that not only is it possible, it is your dessert future.

Creamy brûlée blended with ginger, nutmeg, cloves and pureed pumpkin? Get your spoon poised to crack that caramelized custard.

Gluten-free treats and sweets pumpkin creme brulee
Photo credit:

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Homemade, gluten-free thin mint cookies

No need to pine over those boxes of Thin Mints all your friends are buying from local Girl Scouts. You can cut out the pint-sized middleman (read: girl) when you whip up Baking Bites’s addictive gluten-free chocolate mint cookies.

Gluten-free treats and sweets homemade Thin Mints
Photo credit: Baking Bites/

Holiday truffles

Sometimes you don’t want to fuss with plates and pies. A bite-sized bit of sweetness is just enough to satisfy your cravings following a huge meal.

After-dinner drinks and cordials do well with fine chocolates and truffles, which are gluten-free and easier to make than you think. You don’t have to be Godiva to create these delicious confections either.

To make them fun for everyone, get creative! Roll these balls in nuts and crushed candy canes. Coat them in caramel and sea salt. Dust them in chocolate powder, or maybe some chili powder if you are feeling spicy.

Gluten-free treats and sweets Christmas truffles for chocolate lovers
Photo credit:

Pumpkin pie with a twist

Namely Marly’s pumpkin praline pie is what the fall season is all about. The coconut pecan pie crust — which is gluten-free, mind you — complements a nutmeg and cinnamon-spiked pumpkin filling. You won’t ever reach for a PSL again.

Gluten-free treats and sweets Christmas truffles for chocolate lovers
Photo credit: Namely Marly/

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Flourless sour cherry chocolate cake

If you are a chocoholic, you are going to need to call your sponsor. This sour cherry flourless chocolate cake from Kitchen Tested is a dense, rich, sweet and tart overdose of yum.

Even better? The recipe goes one step further by dusting the cake with powdered sugar, topping it with coconut whipped cream and finishing it off with a dollop of sour cherry preserves.

Gluten-free treats and sweets sour cherry flourless chocolate cake
Photo credit: Kitchen Tested/

“Stained glass” cookies

The dreaded fruitcake has become the laughing stock of the holiday potluck dessert table. However, this spin on that old chestnut will be a welcome offering and most likely devoured before any of the other so-called normal desserts.

Dreamed up by Frugal Farm Wife, no-bake “stained glass” cookies are essentially a chocolate fudge mix with marshmallows. But adding nuts, raisins or extra chocolate chips gives them that unmistakable fruitcake vibe.

Gluten-free treats and sweets no-bake stained glass cookies
Photo credit: Frugal Farm Wife

Apricot and olive oil cake

So, it’s your birthday? The idea of a lone candle sitting in a flimsy piece of flan is less than exciting when you want to be the girl with the most cake. Well, you don’t have to suffer on your special day just because you have stomach issues.

Think outside the (Betty Crocker) box and nosh on something both unique and gluten-free on your big day. We recommend Cannelle et Vanille’s simple yet elegant apricot and olive oil cake.

Gluten-free treats and sweets apricot and olive oil cake
Photo credit: Cannelle et Vanille/

Chocolate mint pots de crème

Planning a fancy-schmancy dinner and you want to impress your guests without any allergy-based trips to the ER? Serve up these delectable chocolate mint pots de crème.

Layered with mint crème, chopped dark chocolate, white chocolate ganache and lots of French class, your guests will be scooping it up — pinkies out, of course. Bon appétit!

Gluten-free treats and sweets chocolate-peppermint pots de creme
Photo credit:

No-bake apple cookies

You don’t want to feel weighed down after a big holiday meal, but you still want to celebrate. Talk about a conundrum! Well, problem solved.

If you are trying to keep to your diet but want a tiny sweet treat after dinner, you can make your taste buds happy with nature’s best. No-bake apple cookies from Sarah Sarna are dressed-up slices of sweet apple with almond butter, coconut and chocolate chips.

Gluten-free treats and sweets no-bake apple cookies
Photo credit: Sarah Sarna/

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Coconut praline no-bake cookies

Looking for a no-bake treat that has a hint of holiday but not a bit of flour? Get your nut fix with these coconut praline no-bake cookies from McCormick. Made with condensed milk, syrup and butter, these are heated and cooled like candy brittle and will melt in your mouth.

Gluten-free treats and sweets coconut praline no-bake cookies
Photo credit: McCormick

Vegan gluten-free iced gingerbread cookies

One of the classic holiday desserts is the beloved gingerbread man. Alas, those who are gluten-free normally look on drooling with envy while others dig into that crunchy, festive holiday cookie goodness, cursing our terrible genes.

Well, curse no more.

These GF-friendly iced gingerbread cookies from Blissful Basil don’t scrimp on taste or rich flavor. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even use the recipe to craft a true holiday staple: a gingerbread house!

Gluten-free treats and sweets gingerbread cookies
Photo credit: Blissful Basil

The best gluten-free brownie

How are you going to eat just one of these delicious, decadent, fudgy gluten-free brownies? The combo of chocolate chips and butter make this brownie from Your Homebased Mom mouthwatering and irresistible.

Gluten-free treats and sweets from Your Homebased Mom
Photo credit: Your Homebased Mom/

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