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Festive fall Thanksgiving table decorations for your holiday dinner

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A grand feast for Thanksgiving is a vital part of the holiday, but don’t overlook a quality Thanksgiving table setting. With a little careful planning and a few well-placed items, your table decor will help elevate your gathering to the next level.

Floral arrangements

A fresh floral arrangement provides an added touch to your Thanksgiving table decorations. The bright colors and variety of textures are eye-catching, and they give a little nontraditional Thanksgiving Day vibe to your tablescape. Peaches and plums added to the floral arrangement are a stellar bonus for this gorgeous, natural table centerpiece.

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Candles are an excellent choice for your Thanksgiving table. Cranberry red taper candles in decorative candlesticks offer a simple, striking touch that will offer a bit of elegant light when placed strategically down the length of your table. These thin taper candles give your Thanksgiving tablescape some height without being too in-the-way, and the color can perfectly contrast with the rest of your decor.

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Charger plates

A single plate for each guest is appropriate (and necessary!) for your meal, but you can really set off your Thanksgiving place settings with a set of charger plates. Chargers, set beneath your main plates, add depth to your table as well as visual interest. They also help add a classic (and fancy) look to your decor.

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Cloth napkins

Napkins help your guests keep their hands clean, of course, but if you’re looking for something a little more stylish than your standby paper squares, give cloth napkins a try. We’ve folded our napkins and wrapped them around each plate to add some visual depth to the matching plate and charger.

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Fresh herbs

You’ll find an added touch to each place setting — a small bundle of fresh herbs. They boost the Thanksgiving Day visuals without giving off any Christmas greenery vibes. These herbs are perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner table, and they smell great too.

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Classy glasses

A delicate, long-stemmed wine glass accompanies each place setting, along with a beveled tumbler. Each complements the other, and they bring a bit of functional elegance to your Thanksgiving table decor.

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Table setting suggestions

Eating is just one part of your Thanksgiving Day celebration — dining with your friends and family and enjoying togetherness is just as important. You’ll note that the floral arrangements featured here, for example, aren’t tall enough to obscure guests from conversing and making eye contact across the table. At the same time, while the taper candles are quite tall, a savvy host staggers their arrangement evenly to allow guests to connect easily.

Thanksgiving table decorations don’t need to be perfectly traditional for a successful Turkey Day spread. A modern twist to your classic Thanksgiving decor can turn your delicious feast into a gorgeous holiday to remember — and we’re betting any photos snapped will look amazing.

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Floral arrangements courtesy of Katherine McCravey and Samantha Ramirez from Love In Bloom: AZ Wedding Floral & Design

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