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9 family activities for Thanksgiving Day

After the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie have all been gobbled up, what’s a family to do? Instead of piling onto the couch for an after-dinner snoozefest, gather the whole gang for some fun after-dinner activities that will keep all ages entertained! It’s a great way to bond as a family and make the most out of your time together!

Fun Family Activities for After Thanksgiving Dinner:

1. Volunteer Together

Provide a meal for those in need at your local Salvation Army or through The National Coalition for the Homeless, where families can team up to serve dinner and welcome the less fortunate in for a warm holiday meal among friends.

Volunteer Match is another great resource to get connected with Thanksgiving Day volunteer opportunities right in your own backyard.

2. Family Football Game

Start a friendly football game for the whole family outdoors and work up a sweat together. You can even make a pre-game activity out of making the Family Football Thanksgiving Championship trophy, which can become the coveted prize during this tradition for years to come!

3. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Assemble family members into pairs or teams and organize an exciting scavenger hunt either in the backyard or throughout the neighborhood. Offer prizing like small gift cards or special treats to inspire some friendly competition.

Get some great ideas on ways to plan a scavenger hunt here!

4. Set up the Christmas Tree

Some may argue that Thanksgiving is too early to start your holiday decorating, but hey—you might as well take the help while you can get it! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy decorating the family tree? Turn on some festive music, delegate out the tree-decorating tasks, and watch your holiday come alive with the help of the whole family. Serve up some hot cocoa to really help get everyone in the spirit!

5. Family Game Night

From traditional board games like Pictionary and Scattergories, to the hot new games like Apples to Apples and the just-for-adults Cards Against Humanity, gather up the crew for some good old-fashioned family fun!

6. Browse Through Photo Albums

Take out the old family photo albums and gather grandparents and the kids for some storytelling as you look through old photos together. Your family members will love going back in time, swapping favorite memories, and laughing together at some of the cringe-worthy fashions and hairstyles!

7. Deliver a Meal

If you have an elderly neighbor or know a family in your own neighborhood who could use some extra cheer, pack up a meal especially for them and deliver it as a family. It’s a great way to teach little ones to share, get to know your neighbors, and help eliminate leftovers!

8. Run a Turkey Trot

With turkey trot events taking place nationwide, your active family will love trying something new this year like working up a sweat during the fun run/walk or the 5K run. Most runs are scheduled early morning to kick off Thanksgiving Day, but some areas offer afternoon runs, weather-permitting, as well.

9. Take a Family Photo

It may be a while before the whole family can get together again, so take advantage of having everyone there by arranging a family photo shoot. Bonus: Use it for your Christmas card as well as holiday gifts for grandparents! And don’t be afraid to get wild with your outfits… invite everyone to wear their ugliest holiday sweaters, coordinate colors, or create a theme just right for your wacky family! Make sure your photographer knows your plans ahead of time so he or she can reserve time for an outfit change or two.

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