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Boozy pecan pies

I’m a pumpkin pie girl – pumpkin pie for dessert, second dessert and breakfast – and I’ve never understood my husband’s fondness for pecan pie. I mean, it’s warm, moist, sticky nuts, people. “Mmm, moist sticky nuts” said no one, ever! Then, I read the recipe and it’s got cupfuls of corn syrup in it. That’s not something I often bake with, so it kinda turns me off. And it’s topped off with those sticky nuts.

The first time I made the pie for the husband, because I’m awesome enough like that to make him a nasty nut pie even when I can’t stand it, I felt like there was too much liquid and I kept adding more and more nuts. Well, apparently, you can have too many nuts. I didn’t realize the ooey gooey corn syrup layer was so vital to the pecan pie. This is why you should always go with pumpkin pie, people. It’s a consistent texture and droolworthy deliciousness throughout. Oh wait, this article is about pecan pie.

I decided we’ve got to make sticky nut pie more appetizing so I thought, thought, thought and realized there’s one thing that makes unappealing nuts so much more appealing. Booze. Lots, and lots, of booze.

Bourbon is the booze of choice when it comes to making a boozy pecan pie, thanks to bourbon’s somewhat molasses or caramel-like flavor. Oh, and watch what you call bourbon because diehard fans will get really angry if you call any old whiskey a bourbon. Bourbon is typically distilled, for a minimum of two years, in Kentucky (where its namesake Bourbon county resides) and must contain a minimum of 51% Indian corn, but no more than 79%.

Here’s what I found on my quest for better boozy nuts.

urban bakes boozy pecan pie

Bourbon and chocolate chips set these pies from Urban Bakes apart, and best yet, they’re mini so you don’t have to stare at a hunk of oozing nut pie for days.

boozy pecan pie bars with sea salt

I wholeheartedly agree with Minimalist Baker’s assessment that pecan pie + booze = better pecan pie. Five wholesome ingredients plus a healthy dose of bourbon make these vegan, no bake bars a must.

bourbon pecan pie brownies 2

Chocolate, salted pecans and bourbon changed How Sweet It Is‘s mind about pecan pie, let’s see if these boozy pecan pie brownies work for me!

bitty bourbon turtle cakes

Quick handmade caramel sauce gets an extra caramel boost from the bourbon in Treatology’s bitty bourbon turtle brownies.

bourbon chocolate pecan pie

As if bourbon chocolate pecan pie weren’t reason enough to try this pie from Pass the Sushi, there’s vodka in the crust. VODKA. In the crust, people. Do it, now.

boozy mini pies

Chasing Delicious has three boozy pies based on favorite drinks. If you don’t care for the bourbon in the pecan sidecar pie, try their apple mojito or cherry old fashioned versions instead!

mexican chocolate pecan pie

Mexican chocolate and coffee-flavored liqueur give this Mexican chocolate pecan pie a south-of-the-border twist.

deep dish porter pecan pie

The Beeroness’s deep dish porter pecan pie gets it’s boozy influence from a chocolate porter but a stout work would great, too!


bourbon and pecan sticky buns

Day drinking becomes 100% acceptable AND encouraged with these bourbon and pecan sticky buns from Brown Sugar Mama.

beer and bacon pecan bars

Beer AND bacon. Drop the mic, these beer and bacon pecan bars from The Beeroness are the winning combo.

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