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Autumn pompom wreath

Pompoms: They aren’t just for fluffy bunny tails anymore. These soft, multipurpose balls of yarn can be used to create, or add to, just about any idea you have. We just happen to have a craft that takes pompoms to a whole new level. This Autumn pompom wreath, inspired by Naztaziawill soon become a regular addition to your home—and the homes of friends and family once they admire your creation.

Search for “pompom wreaths” online and you’ll see them priced up into the hundreds of dollars. Lucky for you, our version will be significantly less expensive. Plus, you’ll have the added satisfaction of putting this together on your own—and bragging rights.

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Start with a variety of yarns in your favorite colors, or choose just one color for a simple, elegant wreath. You’ll need a ribbon accent to match your color scheme and a styrofoam wreath form. These supplies plus hot glue and scissors and you are ready to begin your masterpiece.

Set aside a bit of time for this craft. You won’t be able to throw this together in a few minutes, but the time spent will be worth it. Sit down with your supplies and maybe a nice cup of tea and make this a relaxing, enjoyable time. Invite a friend to join you as you create, or an older child that is interested in helping.

As you begin, you may want to make a test pompom or two so you can determine how much yarn to use for consistency in size and shape. Using your hand to wrap the yard around is certainly the most inexpensive option, but there are pompom-makers out there that can be purchased for just a few dollars to add a bit of ease to your crafting.

Yarn can be purchased in a variety of weights (thickness) and ply (the number of twists in a strand), and the yarn you choose will contribute to the look of your wreath. Choose a 4-ply or higher type yarn if you really want the strands to pop. For a fuller looking pompom, go with a medium weight yarn. Adding pompoms of different sizes to your wreath will add an extra dimension to your design.

This pompom wreath can be made for specific holidays, special occasions, or no occasion. Pastels for a spring wreath; orange and black for Halloween; red, white, and green for Christmas. Match the colors of the nursery for a baby shower or give as a lovely housewarming gift to hang on the front door or over a mantle. This wreath would make a heartfelt gift for any special person in your life.

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Wrap yarn around hand

Depending on the thickness of your yarn, wrapping it around 50 times usually forms a fluffy pom.

Wrap blue yarn around hand

Tie knot around looped yarn

Carefully slide the yarn off your hand and, using an 8-10″ string of yarn, tie the looped yarn tightly in the middle.

Tie knot in blue yarn

Cut yarn so that it is no longer looped

This step is most exciting as you finally get to see your string of yarn become a pom!

Cut the tied blue yarn

Trim yarn until it forms a sphere shape

Continue to cut around and trim the pom until it is shaped to your liking.

Trim blue yard to look like a pom pom

Use hot glue to attach poms to a styrofoam wreath form

Make sure that you have made plenty of poms before moving onto this step.

Glue pom poms to foam round using a hot glue gun

Be proud of this beautiful autumn wreath specially made by you!

If you’re planning on hanging this wreath up, simply tie a ribbon around the top and it is ready to be displayed!

Autumn pom pom wreath final product

Even more beautiful close up!

Finished pom pom wreath


  • Yarn in various colors
  • Scissors
  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon, 2 feet


  1. Tie ribbon around the top of the wreath form to hang when finished
  2. Cut a string from the yarn approximately 8-10” long
  3. Wrap string around your hand to create the pom
  4. There are various pom creating tools that can be purchased. I keep it simple and use my hand.
  5. I wrapped the yarn around my hand 50 times.
  6. Carefully slide yarn off hand and tie the string over the yarn
  7. Cut the inside of the yarn loop to form the yarn pom.
  8. Trim the pom to your liking
  9. Repeat the steps until you have all the colors and poms you want
  10. Glue pom to wreath form in pattern that you love

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