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10 Thanksgiving crafts & activities for kids

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As you prepare the house for guests and get started on your Thanksgiving meal preparation, keep those kiddos entertained with simple crafts and activities that are easy and cost next to nothing. From adorable turkeys of all shapes and sizes, to free matching games and ways to help your kids count their blessings, we have you covered. While you’re at it, you may even be inspired to take on a few Thanksgiving DIY projects too!

Here are a few of our favorites for the kids this season:

5 Thanksgiving Crafts

With a little construction paper, scissors, glue, and creativity, you’ll be well on your way into interruption-free hostess mode in no time!

  1. Leaf turkey craft
  2. Paper plate turkey craft
  3. Give Thanks Turkey Craft
  4. Paper bag turkey craft
  5. Paper pilgrim hat craft

5 Thanksgiving Lessons & Activities

Take advantage of every opportunity to teach your children—this season is abundant with ways to help them learn about everything from counting to gratitude.

  1. Free Thanksgiving Matching Game
  2. Candy Corn Counting Activity
  3. Wreath of Plenty Activity
  4. Blessing tree
  5. Mickey & Friends Thanksgiving Placemat Activities


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